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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Gesneriaceae | Briggsia

Briggsia longicaulis W. T. Wang et K. Y. Pan


Description from Flora of China

Stems to 60 cm, glabrous to very sparsely puberulent. Leaves opposite, rarely alternate, spread along stem, unequal in a pair; petiole 0.5-12 cm, sparsely appressed villous, glabrescent; leaf blade ovate to obovate, rarely lanceolate, 4-15.5 X 2.4-8.4 cm, adaxially sparsely appressed strigose to pubescent, abaxially nearly glabrous, sparsely appressed pubescent along veins base sometimes oblique, cuneate to rounded, margin irregularly serrate, apex acuminate to acute; lateral veins 7-10 on each side of midrib, conspicuous. Cymes 1-12-flowered; peduncle 5.5-10.5 cm, sparsely glandular pubescent; bracts 2(or 3), lanceolate to oblong, 3-8 X 1-2 mm, outside sparsely pubescent, inside glabrous, margin entire to sparsely denticulate. Calyx segments lanceolate to narrowly ovate, 0.7-1.4 cm X 1-4 mm, outside pubescent to villous, margin entire, veins indistinct. Corolla white, inside purple spotted, 3-4.5 cm, outside sparsely pubescent, inside sparsely pubescent on adaxial lip; tube 2.6-3.4 X 1-1.5 cm; adaxial lip 4-6 mm, lobes semiorbicular, 3-4 X ca. 6 mm, apex rounded; abaxial lip 1-1.9 cm, lobes semiorbicular, ca. 4 X 4-5 mm, apex rounded. Adaxial stamens adnate to corolla ca. 1 cm above base, ca. 1.5 cm, abaxial ones adnate to corolla ca. 1.2 cm above base, ca. 1.5 cm; filaments glabrous; anthers globose, thecae not confluent. Pistil 2.6-2.8 cm; ovary pubescent. Style 1.3-1.5 cm, sparsely pubescent to puberulent. Capsule 5.5-7 cm, glabrescent. Fl. Aug, fr. Oct.

* Shady and damp places under forests of slopes; 2200-2500 m. Sichuan (Butuo Xian, Kangding Xian).


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