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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Asteraceae | Ligularia

Ligularia sibirica (Linn.) Cass.


Description from Flora of China

Othonna sibirica Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 924. 1753; Cineraria sibirica (Linnaeus) Linnaeus; Hoppea sibirica (Linnaeus) Reichenbach; Ligularia arctica Pojarkova; L. bucovinensis Nakai; L. longipes Pojarkova (1961), not C. C. Chang (1951); L. pojarkovana S. W. Liu & T. N. Ho; L. sibirica var. alpestris Turczaninow; L. sibirica subsp. arctica (Pojarkova) V. G. Sergienko; L. sibirica var. gigantea Sergievskaya; L. sibirica var. glaberrima Candolle; L. sibirica var. gracilis Sergievskaya; L. sibirica var. vulgaris Candolle; L. ucrainica Minderova; Senecillis sibirica (Linnaeus) Simonkai; Senecio cacaliifolius Schultz Bipontinus.

Stem erect, 20-200 cm tall, 2-11 mm in diam. at base, proximally glabrous, distally and synflorescence shortly yellowish brown pilose. Basal leaves petiolate; petiole 14-39 cm, glabrous, base sheathed; leaf blade ovate-cordate, triangular-cordate, reniform-cordate, or broadly cordate, 3.5-32 × 4.5-29 cm, glabrous, palmately veined, base cordate, margin regularly dentate, apex rounded or obtuse; sinus 1/4-1/3 as long as leaf blade, basal lobes oblong or suborbicular. Middle stem leaves similar, but shortly petiolate; petiole 3-14 cm; sheath enlarged, 3-6 cm. Distalmost stem leaves with only dentate sheaths. Synflorescence racemose, 4.5-42 cm, often clustered; leaflike bracts ovate or ovate-lanceolate, proximally to 3 × 0.8-2 cm, smaller distally, margin entire or denticulate, herbaceous; peduncles 4-12 mm, rarely proximally to 8 cm. Capitula numerous; supplementary bracts narrowly lanceolate, glabrous, margin entire, submembranous. Involucre sometimes purplish red, broadly campanulate, campanulate, or campanulate-turbinate, 7-11 × 6-11 mm, outside glabrous, base rounded; phyllaries 7-12, in 2 rows, lanceolate or oblong, 7-11 mm, margin membranous, apex acute, obtuse-triangular, or acuminate. Ray florets 5-8(-11), yellow; lamina oblanceolate or oblong, 1-2.2 cm × 3-5 mm, apex obtuse; tube 5-10 mm. Tubular florets numerous, 8-13 mm; tube 4-7 mm. Achenes brown, cylindric, 4-7 mm. Pappus yellowish, as long as tubular corolla. Fl. and fr. Jul-Oct. 2n = 60.

Swamps, wet grasslands, stream banks; below 2200 m. Heilongjiang, Jilin, Nei Mongol [Mongolia, Russia; Europe].


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