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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Poaceae | Pleioblastus

Pleioblastus juxianensis Wen et al.


Description from Flora of China

Pleioblastus hsienchuensis T. H. Wen var. juxianensis (T. H. Wen et al.) S. L. Chen ex T. G. Liang et al.

Culms to 1.75 m tall, to 1.3 cm in diam., internodes initially green, yellow-green when old, cylindrical, concave above branches, 20–28(–33) cm, slightly glaucous, densely so below sheath scars, glabrous, slightly powdery; wall nearly solid; nodes prominent or swollen; sheath scars slightly prominent. Culm sheaths persistent, green, glaucous, smooth, glabrous, margin brown setose at base, withered; auricles suborbicular, scabrous, roughly ciliate; ligules pale green or withered, truncate or slightly concave, glaucous, margin ciliolate; blade green, narrowly lanceolate, densely hairy, scabrous, apex acuminate. Leaves 3–5 per ultimate branch; sheath smooth, glabrous; auricles dotlike or elliptic, scabrous, ciliate, oral setae straight or curved; ligule arcuate, ca. 1.5 mm, glaucous, ciliolate at apex, leaf blade light green, ovate or elliptic-lanceolate, 12–18 × 2.3–2.6 cm, abaxially scabrous, pilose at base, secondary veins 6- or 7-paired, base rounded, margin serrulate, apex shortly acuminate. Inflorescence unknown. New shoots early May.

This species has also been considered a variety of Pleioblastus hsienchuensis, and also as the same taxon as P. hsienchuensis var. subglabratus.

* Hills; low elevations. Zhejiang.


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