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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Liliaceae | Allium

Allium phariense Rendle


Description from Flora of China

Bulb solitary or in clusters of 2 or 3, narrowly ovoid, 0.7--1.5 cm in diam.; tunic grayish black, membranous or papery, entire or apex separated. Leaves linear, falcate, equaling to slightly longer than scape, rarely shorter, 2--5(--7) mm wide, flat. Scape usually nodding distally, 6--15 cm, terete, covered with leaf sheaths only at base. Spathe 1- or 2-valved, persistent. Umbel globose, densely many flowered. Pedicels subequal, 1.5--2 × as long as perianth, ebracteolate. Perianth white; segments with purple midvein when dried, narrowly ovate to obovate-oblong, 4.5--6 × 2--2.5 mm; inner ones sometimes slightly longer and narrower than outer, apex obtuse, sometimes slightly retuse. Filaments subulate, equal, 1.25--1.5 as long as perianth segments, connate at base and adnate to perianth segments for ca. 1 mm. Ovary subglobose, without concave nectaries at base. Style exserted. Fl. and fr. Jul--Aug.

Meadows, gravelly slopes; 4400--5200 m. NW Sichuan (Dêgê Xian), S Xizang [Bhutan].


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