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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Saxifragaceae | Parnassia

2. Parnassia tenella J. D. Hooker & Thomson, J. Proc. Linn. Soc., Bot. 2: 80. 1858.

青铜钱 qing tong qian

Description from Flora of China

Stems 1 or 2, slender, (3.5-)5-11 cm, with 1 leaf near middle or distally. Basal leaves 1 or 2; stipules brown fimbriate at margin; petiole 2-8 cm; leaf blade abaxially greenish and purple punctate, adaxially deep green, reniform, 0.8-2.5 × 1.3-3 cm, conspicuously arcuate veined, base deeply cordate, apex rounded, often emarginate, minutely apiculate. Cauline leaf sessile, similar to basal ones but smaller, 2-4 × 3-5 mm, base often with several caducous, rusty brown, hairlike appendages. Flower 0.5-1.5 cm in diam.; hypanthium turbinate. Sepals semiorbicular, ovate, or triangular-ovate, 3-5 × 1-2 mm, margin erose, apex rounded. Petals green, sparsely purple punctate, broadly obovate, 4-8 × 3-6 mm, parallel 7-9-veined, base cuneate into a short claw, margin densely erose or denticulate, apex rounded. Anthers oblong, 0.5-1 mm; filaments 4-6 mm; staminodes terete, discoid, ca. 1/2 as long as stamens, stalk longer than lamina, apex of lamina entire, occasionally minutely crenate. Ovary superior, purple punctate, globose; style ca. 1 mm; stigma 3-lobed. Capsule broadly obcordate, 3-angled, 3-valved. Seeds brown, glossy, oblong. Fl. Aug, fr. Sep.

Mixed forests, forest margins; 2800-3400 m. W Sichuan, Xizang (Linzhi), NW Yunnan [Nepal, Sikkim].


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