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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Saxifragaceae | Parnassia

31. Parnassia pusilla Wallich ex Arnott, Companion Bot. Mag. 2: 315. 1837.

类三脉梅花草 lei san mai mei hua cao

Description from Flora of China

Parnassia affinis J. D. Hooker & Thomson, p.p.

Stem usually 1, 4-10 cm, with 1 leaf near middle or distally. Basal leaves 2-4; petiole 7-9 cm; leaf blade abaxially purple-brown punctate, reniform or ovate-cordate, 4-7 × 3-5 mm, (3-)5-veined abaxially, base cordate, margin entire, apex rounded-obtuse. Cauline leaf sessile, semiamplexicaul, similar to basal ones but smaller, base sometimes with a few rusty brown appendages. Flower 6-8 mm in diam.; hypanthium turbinate. Sepals oblong, ca. 1.5 × 1.2 mm, midvein conspicuous, base often with 1 or 2 rusty brown appendages, apex rounded. Petals white, brownish punctate on both surfaces, obovate, 5-6(-8) × ca. 3.5 mm, midvein conspicuous, base cuneate into a claw ca. 0.1 mm, margin sparsely and shortly fimbriate proximally, erose or undulate distally, apex rounded. Anthers subglobose, ca. 0.3 mm; filaments ca. 1.7 mm; staminodes flat, ca. 1.5 mm, shortly stalked, 3-lobed at apex, lobes lanceolate, 0.3-0.4 mm, central one somewhat narrower than lateral ones. Ovary semi-inferior, ovoid; style short; stigma 3-lobed. Capsule unknown. Fl. Jul-Aug.

The original material of Parnassia affinis is heterogeneous, also including plants identifiable as P. mysorensis var. mysorensis.

S Xizang [Bhutan, N India, Nepal, Sikkim].


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