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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Paeoniaceae | Paeonia

5. Paeonia rockii (S. G. Haw & Lauener) T. Hong & J. J. Li, Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin. 12: 227. 1992.

紫斑牡丹 zi ban mu dan

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs to 1.8 m tall. Roots attenuate toward tip. Turions absent. Stems gray or gray-brown, peeling off in flakes. Proximal leaves 2- or 3-pinnate, with (17--)19--33 leaflets; leaflets lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate and mostly entire, or ovate to ovate-orbicular and mostly lobed, 2--11 × 1.5--4.5 cm, abaxially villous along veins, adaxially glabrous, base truncate to cuneate, apex acute or acuminate. Flowers solitary, terminal, single, 13--19 cm wide. Bracts 3, leaflike. Sepals 3, green, ovate-orbicular, 3--4 × 2--3 cm, apex acute or caudate. Petals white with a large, dark purple spot at base. Filaments yellow; anthers yellow. Disc wholly enveloping carpels, pale yellow, leathery, apex dentate or lobed. Carpels 5(or 6), densely tomentose. Stigmas pale yellow. Follicles oblong, densely yellow tomentose. Fl. Apr--May, fr. Aug. 2n = 10*.

* Deciduous broad-leaved forests, forest margins, thickets, shady slopes, limestone rocks, sometimes cultivated; 1100--2800 m. S Gansu, W Henan, W Hubei, C and S Shaanxi.


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