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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Gesneriaceae | Opithandra

Opithandra wentsaii Z. Y. Li, Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 44: 73. 2003.

Description from Flora of China

Herb perennial, acaulescent. Rhizome terete, 2--5.5 cm, 2--3.5 mm in diam. Leaves basal, 8--40, densely white strigose; petiole 3--7 cm X 1--1.5 mm; leaf blade ovate to elliptic, 2.8--6 X 1.1--2.8 cm, papery when dry, apex acute, base oblique, cuneate or attenuate, margin serrate to dentate-serrate; lateral veins 4--6 on each side of midvein, inconspicuous. Scape 2--14, 10--20 cm high, nearly spreading brown hirtellous; cyme subumbellate, 1--4-flowered; bracts 2, opposite, lanceolate-linear, 3--5 mm, densely white strigose, margin entire; pedicel 1--4.2 cm, nearly spreading brown hirtellous. Calyx 4.5--5 mm, 5-sect; segments linear-lanceolate, 4--4.5 X ca. 1 mm, apex minutely obtuse, outer surface strigose, inner surface glabrous. Corolla 2.8--3 cm, lilac, the throat marked with darker purple blots, outer surface sparsely puberulous, with a puberulous ring ca. 5 mm wide inside corolla ca. 1.3 cm above its base; tube funnelform, 2.2--2.4 cm, ca. 6 mm in mouth; upper lip ca. 3 mm, 2-sect; lobes orbicular; lower lip 7--8 mm, 3-lobed; lobes oblong, 4--5 mm. Stamens 2, adaxial, glabrous; filaments adnate to ca. 7 mm above corolla base, narrowly linear, 7--8 mm; anthers coherent at apex, reniform-ovoid, ca. 0.9 X 1.5 mm. Staminodes 2, abaxial, adnate to 4.5 mm above corolla base, narrowly linear, ca. 5.5 mm, glabrous. Disc cupular, ca. 1 mm high. Pistil glabrous; ovary linear, 10--11 X ca. 1 mm; style ca. 3.5 mm; stigmas 2, broadly ovate, ca. 0.6 mm.

Name appeared after publication of the family treatment for the Flora of China.

* Undisturbed evergreen forest patches on shady cliff in sandstone hills; ca. 900 m. Taiwan.


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