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21. Pittosporum lenticellatum Chun ex H. Peng & Y. F. Deng, Novon. 11: 440. 2001.

卵果海桐 luan guo hai tong

Description from Flora of China

Pittosporum ovoideum H. T. Chang & S. Z. Yan (1974), not Gowda (1951).

Shrubs ca. 3 m tall. Young branchlets stout, pubescent; old branchlets lenticellate. Leaves clustered at branchlet apex, biennial; petiole compressed, 1–1.5 cm, narrowly winged distally; leaf blade pale green abaxially, dark green and shiny adaxially, obovate-lanceolate, 7–10 × 2–3(–4.5) cm, thickly leathery, pubescent on both surfaces at first, later glabrate, lateral veins 8–10-paired, convex abaxially, visible adaxially, reticulate veins prominent, base cuneate, decurrent, margin flat, apex acuminate, sometimes obtuse or rounded. Inflorescences in leaf axils at branchlet apex, umbellate; bracts linear, ca. 8 mm; pedicels stout, 1–1.5 cm, pubescent. Sepals lanceolate, ca. 5 × 1–1.5 mm, sparsely pubescent. Petals free, 9–10 × ca. 2 mm. Stamens ca. 6 mm. Ovary pubescent; ovary wall ca. 0.5 mm thick; placentas 2, parietal; ovules 11 or 12 per placenta. Style ca. 4 mm. Capsule strongly compressed globose, 1.3–1.6 cm in diam., dehiscing by 2 valves; pericarp compressed adaxially, 2–3 mm thick, horizontally convex striate. Seeds 16–24, ca. 3 mm; funicle very short. Fl. Mar–May, fr. Jun–Oct.

The name Pittosporum ovoideum has been applied in the sense of P. lenticellatum, but its holotype in fact belongs to P. pauciflorum. Peng and Deng (Novon 11: 440–441. 2001) discussed the situation in detail.

Forests, thickets, limestone mountains; 200--1100 m. N Guangxi, SE Guizhou.


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