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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Rosaceae | Sorbus

32. Sorbus lanpingensis L. T. Lu, Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin. 9(2): 51. 1989.

兰坪花楸 lan ping hua qiu

Description from Flora of China

Shrubs small, to 1.5 m tall. Branchlets gray or grayish brown, glabrous when old, with few oblong lenticels; buds ovoid to oblong-ovoid, apex acute or obtuse; scales several, brown, rusty pubescent. Leaves imparipinnate, together with rachis 4–7 cm; petiole 6–11 mm; stipules lanceolate or linear, 2–5 mm, margin entire, puberulous; rachis slender, abaxially rusty brown pubescent, slightly narrowly winged, adaxially shallowly grooved; leaflet blades 13–18 pairs, at intervals of 4–8 mm, elliptic or oblong-elliptic, 6–11 × 2–4 mm, abaxially rust-brown pubescent along midvein, adaxially glabrous, base cuneate, margin deeply sharply incised-serrate, entire near base, apex acute. Compound corymbs terminal, small, usually 5–12-flowered; rachis and pedicels rust-brown pubescent; bracts lanceolate, 3–5 mm, with sparse, rusty brown hairs. Pedicel 3–9 mm. Flowers 4–6 mm in diam. Hypanthium campanulate, rust-brown pubescent when young, gradually glabrescent or subglabrous when old. Sepals triangular, apex acute, rarely obtuse. Petals pink, suborbicular, 2–3 mm and ca. as broad, without hairs, base shortly clawed. Stamens 10–15, ca. as long as petals. Styles 3, ca. as long as stamens, slightly pilose basally. Fl. May–Jun.

Coniferous forests; below 3200 m. NW Yunnan (Lanping Xian).


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