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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Urticaceae | Pilea

26. Pilea martini (H. Léveillé) Handel-Mazzetti, Symb. Sin. 7: 131. 1929.

大叶冷水花 da ye leng shui hua

Description from Flora of China

Boehmeria martini H. Léveillé, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 11: 551. 1913.

Herbs perennial, stoloniferous, often dioecious. Stems simple or branched, 30-100 cm tall, succulent, with galls on mid portion of internodes, glabrous or puberulent on upper part. Stipules semipersistent, oblong-lanceolate, 4-8 mm, membranous, veinless; petioles unequal in length, 1-8 cm, puberulent or glabrous; leaf blade abaxially pale green, adaxially green, obliquely ovate, narrowly ovate, or lanceolate, unequal in size, 7-20 × 3.5-12 cm, membranous, 3-veined, lateral veins many, subtransverse, abaxial surface glabrous or puberulent when young, adaxial surface sparsely setulose, base rounded or subcordate, rarely obtuse, margin coarsely serrate-dentate, apex long acuminate, acumen serrulate. Inflorescences solitary; male inflorescence a cymose panicle, 4-10 cm overall, peduncle 2-6 cm; female cymose panicles or cymose racemes, 1-4 cm. shortly pedunculate. Male flowers reddish, sessile or pedicellate, in bud ca. 1.2 mm; perianth lobes 4, oblong-ovate, 2 lobes subapically corniculate; stamens 4; rudimentary ovary small, conic. Female flowers subsessile, in bud ca. 0.6 mm; perianth lobes connate at base, unequal, abaxial lobe cymbiform, longer, subapically corniculate; staminodes 3, scale-like, oblong. Achene brownish green, narrowly ovoid, ca. 1 mm, compressed, oblique, smooth. Fl. May-Sep, fr. Aug-Oct.

This species occurs widely in W China and is very common in shady and wet places of the forest understory. It resembles Pilea semisessilis, P. symmeria, and P. umbrosa.

Shaded wet places along ditches, streams, near streams; 1100-3500 m. S Gansu, N Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, S Shaanxi, E Sichuan, S Xizang, Yunnan [Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim].


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