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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Fissidentaceae | Fissidens

Fissidens bryoides var. ramosissimus Thér., Annales de Cryptogamie Exotique. 5:167. 1932.


Fissidens bryoides var. ramosissimus (Thér.) Z. Iwats. & T. Suzuki, hom. illeg., J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 51: 359. 1982. Fissidens perexiguus C. Müll., Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital., n. ser. 4: 245. 1897. Type. China: Shaanxi (Schen-si), IX 1894, P. J. Giraldi s.n. (isotype FI). Fissidens ryukyuensis Bartr., The Bryologist 50: 160, figs. a–b. 1947.

Plants small, green to light green. Leafy stems ca. 4.5 mm long, 1.4 mm wide; simple or with many short branches; central strand lacking; axillary hyaline nodules not differentiated. Leaves in 2–9 pairs, upper leaves lanceolate, ca. 0.8 mm × 0.2 mm, acute at apex; base of dorsal laminae wedge-shaped, often ending above the leaf base, not decurrent; costa ending a few cells below leaf apex to percurrent; limbidia lacking on apical laminae of lower stem leaves, often 1–2 rows of cells on apical laminae of upper stem leaves and ceasing far below apex, 1–7 rows of cells on vaginant laminae; margins entire; vaginant laminae 3/5 the leaf length, almost equal; cells of apical and dorsal laminae quadrate to hexagonal, 7–11 µm long, smooth; cells of vaginant laminae similar to those of apical and dorsal laminae, but thicker walled, larger and longer toward base. Autoicous or polyoicous. Female inflorescences terminal on stems and branches. Setae ca. 2.3 mm long, smooth; capsules symmetrical, urns ovate-cylindrical, 0.4 mm long, exothecial cells rectangular with thicker vertical walls; peristome teeth ca. 0.2 mm long, ca. 35 µm wide at base.

Type. China: Fujian (Fukien), Amoy, H. H. Chung 362.

Chinese specimens examined: FUJIAN: see the type information cited above. GUANGXI: Gui-lin City, T. Cao 21936 (IFSBH, SYS). SHAANXI: see the type information of Fissidens perexiguus cited above. SICHUAN: Barkam (Ba-kang) Co., Allen 6873 (MO); Liang-shan (Mt.), G.-C. Zhang 21603, 21793 (IFSBH, SYS); Song-pan Co., Allen 7094 (MO). YUNNAN: Xi-shuang-ban-na, Magill et al. 7555B (MO).

Habitat: on rocks; Distribution: China and Japan.

This variety is characterized by having central strand undifferentiated, the bases of dorsal laminae narrowly wedge-shaped and disappearing above the leaf base, and the differentiated border ending far below the leaf apex.

Illustrations: Pl. 73, figs. 1–8.


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