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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Fissidentaceae | Fissidens

34. Fissidens nobilis Griff., Calcutta Journal of Natural History and Miscellany of the Arts and Sciences in India. 2:505. 1842.


Fissidens filicinus Dozy & Molk., Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., sér. 3, 2: 304. 1844. Fissidens filicinus var. japonicus (Dozy & Molk.) U. Miz., Asash-renpo 94. 1964. Fissidens japonicus Dozy & Molk., Pl. Jungh. 3: 313. 1854.

Plants green to brownish. Leafy stems simple, 18–60 mm long, 5.5–10.0 mm wide; axillary hyaline nodules lacking; central strand well differentiated. Leaves in 14–26 pairs, densely arranged throughout except the lowermost ones, which are widely separated and much smaller; middle and upper leaves lanceolate to narrowly lanceolate, 4.7–5.5 mm × 1.0–1.2 mm, acute at apex; base of dorsal laminae wedge-shaped, decurrent; vaginant laminae ca. 1/2 the leaf length, equal or slightly unequal; costa stout, percurrent; margins of the upper half of leaves irregularly dentate, the lower half almost entire, bordered throughout by a darker-colored band of 2–5 rows of incrassate, smooth cells, and 2–3 cells thick in cross section; cells of apical and dorsal laminae quadrate to hexagonal, moderately thick-walled, some smooth, some highly mammillose, 7–14 µm long; cells of vaginant laminae similar to those of apical and dorsal laminae, but usually smooth. Dioicous. Female inflorescences in axils of middle and upper leaves. Perichaetial leaves narrowly lanceolate to subulate-lanceolate, 2.5–2.8 mm long. Archegonia 426–640 µm long. Setae lateral, ca. 6.5 mm long, smooth; capsules slightly inclined, asymmetrical; urns 1.3–1.4 mm long; exothecial cells rectangular to irregularly rectangular-hexagonal, longitudinal walls not markedly thicker than transverse walls; opercula rostrate, 0.4–1.3 mm long; peristome teeth, ca. 0.4 mm long, 100 µm wide at base. Spores 11–18 µm in diameter.

Type. India: Assam.

Chinese specimens examined: FUJIAN: Nan-qing Co., G.-C. Zhang & J-Y. Feng 359 (IFSBH, SYS); Wuyi Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 2404 (IBSC, SYS); Yong-chun Co., D.-K. Li 10436 (SHM, SYS). GUANGDONG: Ding-hu Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 14 (IBSC, SYS); Feng-kai Co., L. Sun & J.-L. Zhang 147 (SYS); Huai-ji Co., Z.-H. Li s.n (SYS); Shi-xing Co., Y.-Y. Yang 4374 (IBSC, SYS). GUANGXI: Lao-shan Forest Station, 1974 Team 2479 (IBSC, SYS); Rong-shui Co., M.-Z. Wang 46255 (MO). GUIZHOU: Handel-Mazzetti 10984 (H); Lei-gong Co., Crosby 15625 (MO). HAINAN: Diao-luo Shan (Mt.), Z.-H. Li 2620 (SYS); Jian-feng-ling (Mt.), P.-C. Chen et al. 741a (PE, SYS); Li-mu-ling (Mt.), Z.-H. Li & Y.-Y. Yang 56 (IBSC, SYS); Wu-zhi Shan (Mt.), Z.-H. Li 2006 (SYS). HONG KONG: Didrichsen s.n. (H); Macfadden 20503 (MO). HUBEI: Pang 5 (IBSC, SYS). HUNAN: Chang-sha City, 1974 Team s.n. (IBSC, SYS); Liu-yang Co., 1974 Team 462 (IBSC, SYS). JIANGSU: Chang-shu Co., D.-K. Li 17793 (SHM, SYS); Yi-xing Co., P.-C. Wu & Y.-X. Jin 2189 (MO), M. Zang 23 (HKAS, NICH); Zheng-ze Co., R.-L. Hu 1957–105 (HSNU, SYS). JIANGXI: Jing-gang Shan (Mt.), D.-K. Li 17251 (SHM, SYS). SICHUAN: Omei Shan (Mt.), C. Gao et al. 18602 (IFSBH, SYS); Ya-an Co., C. Gao et al. 17274 (IFSBH, SYS). TAIWAN: Chia-yu Co., S.-H. Lin 2978 (NICH, TUNG); Hua-lien Co., C.-I. Peng 83-67 (MO); Nan-tou Co., Koponen 17355 (H); Tai-bei Co., S.-S. Lin s.n. [Bryophytes of Taiwan Exsiccatae 66] (H). YUNNAN: Che-li, Q.-W. Wang 9444 (PE, SYS); Fu-hai, Q.-W. Wang 8981 (PE, SYS); Gen-ma Co., Q.-W. Wang 8334 (PE, SYS); Gong-shan Co., M.-Z. Wang 10697b (PE, SYS); Jing-hong Co., Magill et al. 7577 (MO); Meng-hai Co., Magill et al. 7937 (MO); Qiu-bei Co., D.-K. Li 2630 (SHM, SYS); Zhen-yue, Q.-W. Wang 9893 (PE, SYS). ZHEJIANG: Heng-zhou City, R.-L. Hu 329 (HSNU, SYS); Xi-tian-mu Shan (Mt.), D.-K. Li 3473 (SHM, SYS); Zhou-shan Society Islands, R.-L. Hu s.n. (HSNU, SYS).

Habitat: on rocks and soil; Distribution: China, Korea, Japan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, and Fiji.

Illustrations: Z.-H. Li 1985 (Fig. 23, a–j).


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