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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Pottiaceae | Aloina

3. Aloina rigida (Hedw.) Limpr., Laubm. Deutschl. 1:637. 1888; Barbula rigida Hedw., Sp. Musc. Frond. 115. 1801.


Tortula rigida (Hedw.) Schrad. ex Turn., Musc. Hib. 43. 1804. Bryum ridigum (Hedw.) Dicks. ex With., Syst. Arr. Brit. Pl. (ed. 4) 3: 797. 1801. Aloina anthropophila (C. Müll.) Broth., Nat. Pflanzenfam. 1: 428. 1902. Barbula anthropophila C. Müll., Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital., n. ser. 3: 99. 1896. Type. China: Shaanxi (Schen-si), in tectis urbis Tun-juen-fan, 1894, Giraldi s.n. (isotype H). Aloina potaninii Broth. ex P.-C. Chen, Hedwigia 80: 283. 1941, invalid name, cited as synonym (Article 34.1, Berlin Code). Type. Mongolia: Potanin 27 p.p. Aloina stellata Kindb., Bih. Kongl. Svenska Vetensk.-Akad. Handl. 7(9): 137. 1883, nom. illeg.

Plants small, bud-like, only up to 2.5 mm high. Stems simple. Leaves broadly ovate to lingulate, 1.5–2.5 mm × 0.3–0.8 mm; rounded and cucullate at the apex; margins nearly entire to irregularly denticulate; costa very broad, ending at or below apex; green filaments branched, 3–9 cells high, filament cells thin-walled, cylindric to spherical; upper leaf cells mostly transversely linear-rectangular, 20–25 µm wide, strongly thick-walled; basal cells rectangular to quadrate, thin-walled. Dioicous, rarely cladoautoicous or synoicous. Perichaetial leaves mostly undifferentiated. Setae reddish brown, strongly twisted to right above, slightly to left below, 10–20 mm long; capsules erect, red, ovoid-cylindrical, 0.9–3.0 mm long; annuli developed, revoluble, in 1–3 rows of cells; peristome teeth filiform, red, strongly twisted counterclockwise; basal membrane low; opercula conical to subulate, long rostrate. Spores yellowish green, spherical, almost smooth.

Type. Europe.

Chinese specimens examined: HEBEI: Xiao-wu-tai Shan (Mt.), L.-Q. Yu s.n. (PE). NEI MONGOL: A-la-shan Zuo-qi, Z.-G. Tong 2022, 2061 (PE); Ding-yuan City, Z.-G. Tong 1835 (PE); He-lan Shan (Mt.), Z.-G. Tong 2122 (PE); Hohhot City, Z.-G. Tong 2556 (MO, PE). QINGHAI: Cheng-duo Co., B.-C. Tan 95-16989 (FH, MO). SHAANXI: Qing-ling (Mt.), Giraldi 851 (H); West Taibai Shan (Mt.), Z.-P. Wei s.n. (WUG). SICHUAN: Hong-yuan Co., Allen 7019a (MO); Li Co., Redfearn 35144a (MO); Mao-wen Co., Allen 7347 (MO); Markham Co., Allen 7008 (MO); Omei Co., Redfearn 34586a (MO); Song-pan Co., Redfearn 35427 (MO). XINJIANG: Urumqi Co., S. He 951059 (MO), Whittemore et al. 4866 (MO). XIZANG: Ban-ge Co., K.-Y. Lang 1340 (HKAS, PE); Lin-zhi Co., S.-K. Chen 198 (HKAS); Long-zi Co., San-an-qu-lin, M. Zang 1331, 1332, 1376 (HKAS); Mi-lin Co., Y.-G. Su 5146 (HKAS). YUNNAN: Chu-xiong Co., Redfearn et al. 1708 (MO); Kun-ming City, C.-Y. Yang 35 (PE).

Habitat: on soil, soil walls, or rocks; Distribution: China, India, Mongolia, Russia (Siberia), Europe, North and South America, and northern Africa.

Illustrations: P. 100, figs. 5–8.


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