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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Pottiaceae | Hyophila

1. Hyophila involuta (Hook.) Jaeg., Ber. Thätigk. St. Gallischen Naturwiss. Ges. 1871–72:354. 1873; Gymnostomum involutum Hook., Musci Exot. 2: 154. 1819.


Hyophila attenuata Broth., Symb. Sin. 4: 37. 1929. Type. China: Yunnan, Nujiang (Lu-jiang) valley, Handel-Mazzetti 9839 (holotype H). Hyophila micholitzii Broth., Öfvers. Forh. Finska Vetensk.-Soc. 35: 39. 1893. Hyophila moutieri Par. & Broth. in Paris, Rev. Bryol. 28: 38. 1901. Type. China: Hainan, 30 VIII 1900, Moutier s.n. Hyophila sinensis Dix., Sci. Rep. Natl. Tsing Hua Univ., ser. B, Biol. Sci. 2: 117. 1936, nom. nud. Hyophila tortula (Schwaegr.) Hampe, Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 4: 267. 1846.

Plants small, to 14 mm high, yellowish green, in dense tufts. Stems erect, simple or branched; central strand absent. Leaves involute to subtubulose when dry, erect- to wide-spreading when moist, oblong-ovate to oblong-spatulate, 1.7–3.0 mm × 0.6–0.8 mm, broadly acute to obtusely apiculate, slightly reflexed at the base; margins serrate in the upper half; costa stout, percurrent to shortly excurrent; upper leaf cells small, subquadrate to rounded hexagonal, 5–8 µm × 5–7 µm, somewhat thick-walled, not papillose, slightly mammillose on the ventral surface; basal cells short-rectangular, 28–62 µm × 10–18 µm, pale or hyaline. Gemmae present. Dioicous. Setae ca. 10–15 mm long, yellowish green to reddish brown, not twisted; capsules erect, cylindrical; opercula conic-rostrate with a long beak; annuli present. Spores 9–11 µm in diameter, nearly smooth.

Type. Nepal: Gardner s.n.

Chinese specimens examined: FUJIAN: Wuyi Shan (Mt.), D.-K. Li 9445 (HKAS, SHM). GUANGDONG: Ding-hu Shan (Mt.), M.-P. Li 2 (PE); Guang-zhou City, P.-J. Lin 156 (IBSC); Yang-shan Co., L. Zhang 337 (HKAS). GUANGXI: Long-sheng Co., P.-C. Wu 1190 (PE); Rong-shui Co., J. Yu 5 (HKAS); Xing-an Co., Hua-jiang, P.-C. Wu 495 (PE). HAINAN: Chang-jiang Co., Redfearn 35882 (MO); Jian-feng-ling (Mt.), P.-C. Chen 738 (PE); Ji-ma Shan (Mt.), T.-L. Tso 2741 (PE). HENAN: Hui Co., H.-J. Yu 1590 (PE); Xi-xia Co., C.-Z. He 6848 (PE); Zhu-yang, Z.-L. Zheng 5779a (PE). HONG KONG: Kowloon, Iwatsuki 61 (HKAS); Tai-mo Shan (Mt.), Iwatsuki 66 (HKAS); Victoria Peak, Iwatsuki 72 (HKAS). HUBEI: Sheng-nong-jia (Mt.), K.-Y. Guan 80–2641 (HKAS). JIANGSU: Nan-jing City, P.-C. Chen 72 (PE); Zheng-jiang City, Z.-L. Liu 33176 (HKAS, SHM). JIANGXI: Jing-gang Shan (Mt.), D.-K. Li 16727 (HKAS, SHM). JILIN: Pan-shi Co., X.-L. Chen 2507 (HKAS). SHANDONG: Tai Shan (Mt.), C. Gao 33939 (HKAS, IFSBH). SHANGHAI: Nan-xiang, X.-H. Jin 343 (HSNU); She Shan (Mt.), Y.-F. Wang 279 (HSNU). SICHUAN: Nan-chong City, H.-F. Xie 8 (HKAS); Yan-bian Co., K.-K. Chen 118 (HKAS). TAIWAN: Chia-yu Co., Koponen 17106 (H, HKAS); Miao-li Co., C.-K. Wang 0536 (NICH); Nan-tow Co., C.-K. Wang 222 (NICH); Ping-tung Co., Shevock 15063 (MO); Tai-tung Co., C.-K. Wang 0904 (NICH). XIZANG: Ji-long Co., K.-Y. Lang 1180 (HKAS); Mo-tuo Co., Y.-G. Su 2493 (HKAS); Zhang-mu, S.-K. Chen 140 (HKAS); Ya-dong Co., M. Zang 141c (HKAS). YUNNAN: Bin-chuan Co., M.-K. Cui 486 (HYUB); Chu-xiong Co., Redfearn et al. 1722 (MO); He-kou Co., X.-J. Li 4939 (HKAS); Kun-ming City, X.-J. Li 6264 (HKAS); Jing-hong Co., Redfearn 33730 (MO); Li-jiang Co., X.-J. Li 85151 (HKAS); Lu-nan Co., Redfearn et al. 2244 (MO); Meng-la Co., Redfearn 33975 (MO); Meng-lun, L. Zhang 332 (HKAS); Nu-jiang, Handel-Mazzetti 1845 (H); Pu-er Co., Q.-W. Wang 37292 (PE); Qiu-bei Co., X.-J. Li 166 (HKAS); Rei-li Co., X.-J. Li 198 (HKAS); Song-ming Co., X.-J. Li 1223 (HKAS); Teng-chong Co., X.-J. Li 80–327 (HKAS); Yang-bi Co., Redfearn et al. 18 (MO).

Habitat: on calcareous rocks, soil, or grasslands; Distribution: China, Japan, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, Europe, South and North America, and Oceania.

Illustrations: C. Gao (ed.) 1996 (Pl. 59, figs. 1–6).


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