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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Pottiaceae | Weissia

3. Weissia controversa Hedw., Sp. Musc. Frond. 1801.


Weissia controversa var. minutissima (Par.) Wijk & Marg., Taxon 10: 26. 1961. Weissia viridula var. minutissima (Par.) P.-C. Chen, Hedwigia 80: 161. 1941. Hymenostomum minutissimum Par., Index Bryol. Suppl. 189. 1900. Weissia longiseta Lesq. & Jam., Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 14: 135. 1879. Weissia microtheca Thér., Ann. Cryptog. Exot. 5: 169. 1932. Type. China: Fujian (Fukien), Fu-zhou City, H. H. Chung 277. Weissia sinensis Card. & Thér., Bull. Acad. Int. Géogr. Bot. 19: 18. 1909. Type. China: Guizhou (Kweitschow), Tou-schan, 1904, Cavalerie 1649 (isotype H). Weissia sulcata Thér., Ann. Cryptog. Exot. 5: 169. ic. 1932. Type. China: Fujian (Fukien), Buong Kang, H. H. Chung 54. Weissia viridula Hedw. ex Brid., Muscol. Recent. Suppl. 4: 38. 1819 [1818], hom. illeg.

Plants small, 4–6(–10) mm high, bright green or yellowish green, in dense tufts. Stems erect, simple or irregularly branched. Leaves often crowded at stem tips, crisped when dry, spreading when moist, narrowly lanceolate, sheathing at base, upper lamina often channeled, acuminate at apex; margins strongly incurved above the leaf base, entire or crenulate by projecting papillae; costa rather stout, usually shortly excurrent, ending in sharply mucronate tips; upper leaf cells rounded hexagonal, thin- to evenly thick-walled, papillose, with bifid or branched papillae; basal cells sharply differentiated, rectangular, sometimes forming a V-shaped leaf base, mostly thin-walled, smooth, hyaline. Autoicous. Setae 5–8 mm long; capsules erect, oblong-ovoid; opercula conic-rostrate, with an oblique beak; peristome teeth short, linear-lanceolate, papillose or sometimes rudimentary.

Type. Germany: Leipzig, Bienitz s.n.

Chinese specimens examined: ANHUI: Huang Shan (Mt.), W.-F. Zheng 1205 (HKAS); Ning-guo Co., P.-C. Chen 7587 (PE); She Co., P.-C. Chen 6430 (PE); Wu-hu City, P.-C. Chen 6404 (PE). BEIJING: Jin-shan (Mt.), C.-Y. Yang 96a (PE). FUJIAN: Wuyi Shan (Mt.), D.-K. Li 7371 (HKAS, SHM); You-xi Co., H.-T. Chen A1 (PE). GUANGDONG: Le-chang Co., G.-Q. Zeng 571 (HKAS); Yang-shan Co., L. Zhang 299 (HKAS). GUANGXI: Tian-lin Co., C. Gao 18530 (IFSBH, SHM). HAINAN: Ba-wang-ling (Mt.), C. Gao 3027 (HKAS, IFSBH); Chang-jiang Co., Reese 17508 (LAF, MO). HEILONGJIANG: Da-hai, C. Gao 1135 (HKAS, IFSBH); Ning-an Co., C. Gao 1262 (HKAS, IFSBH). HENAN: Lin Co., D.-X. Ye 8 (MO, PE); Xin-yang City, J.-X. Luo 36 (PE); Xi-xia Co., C.-Z. He 6838 (MO, PE). HUBEI: Sheng-nong-jia (Mt.), G.-C. Zhang 18581 (HKAS, IFSBH). HUNAN: Da-rong City, D.-K. Li 18041 (HKAS, SHM); Heng Shan (Mt.), L.-J. Bi 2023 (PE). JIANGSU: Nan-jing City, Z.-L. Wan 4 (PE); Su-zhou City, D.-K. LI 19467 (HKAS, SHM); Wu Co., D.-K. Li 6843 (HKAS, SHM); Yi-xing Co., D.-K. Li 260 (HKAS, SHM). JIANGXI: Lu Shan (Mt.), X.-X. Zhong 99 (PE). JILIN: Chang-bai Shan (Mt.), B.-D. Xin 184 (MO, PE); Ji-an Co., C. Gao 1210 (HKAS, IFSBH). LIAONING: Shen-yang City, C. Gao 1276 (HKAS, IFSBH). NEI MONGOL: Da-qing Shan (Mt.), Z.-G. Tong 839 (HKAS). SHAANXI: Hu Co., M. Wang 286 (HKAS), P. J. Giraldi 1662, 1664 (H); Hua Shan (Mt.), C. Gao 16749 (HKAS, IFSBH). SHANDONG: Lao Shan (Mt.), C. Gao & E.-Z. Bai 34439 (IFSBH, MO); Tai Shan (Mt.), C. Gao 33913 (HKAS, IFSBH). SHANGHAI: S.-M. Xu 61 (PE), R. P. Henry 461 (H). SICHUAN: Chong-qing City, P.-C. Chen 1317 (PE); Da-liang Shan (Mt.), Handel-Mazzetti 1696 (H); Hua-ren Shan (Mt.), P.-C. Chen 106 (PE); Jiang-bei Co., G.-N. Liu 11 (HKAS); Nan-chuan Co., X.-Y. Hu 0703 (MO, PE); Nan-ping Co., S. He 30180 (MO); Xiang-cheng Co., X.-J. Li 813006 (HKAS). TAIWAN: Tai-bei Co., Koponen 16925 (H), Suduki 2485 (H). XINJIANG: Bu-ge-da (Mt.), J.-C. Zhao 2586 (HKAS). XIZANG: Lang Co., M. Zang 1687a (HKAS); Long-zi Co., Zhun-ba, M. Zang 1127 (HKAS); Mi-lin Co., K.-Y. Lang 598 (HKAS); Mo-tuo Co., Y.-G. Su 2913 (HKAS). YUNNAN: Bin-chuan Co., M.-K. Cui 599a (HYUB, HKAS); Kun-ming City, Z.-M. Li 205 (HYUB, HKAS), Handel-Mazzetti 378 (H); Lu-nan Co., Koponen 37363 (H, HKAS); Meng-hai Co., Redfearn et al. 34248 (MO); Meng-la Co., Redfearn et al. 33894 (MO); Teng-chong Co., X.-J. Li 300 (HKAS). ZHEJIANG: Hang-zhou City, R.-L. Hu 5701 (HKAS, HSNU); Shan-si Co. (Island), D.-K. Li 4054 (HKAS, SHM).

Habitat: on rocks, soil in shaded or open disturbed places; Distribution: China and nearly worldwide.

Illustrations: C. Gao (ed.) 1996 (Pl. 54, figs. 1–6).


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