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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Dicranaceae | Holomitrium

2. Holomitrium densifolium (Wils.) Wijk & Marg., Taxon. 11: 221. 1962; Symblepharis densifolia Wils., Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 9: 292. 1857.

Didymodon perichaetialis Griff., Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. 2: 51. 1842. Holomitrium ferriei Card. & Thér., Bull. Bull. Acad. Int. Géogr. Bot. 18: 11. 1908. Holomitrium griffithianum Mitt., J. Proc. Linn. Soc., Bot. Suppl. 1: 24. 1859. Holomitrium griffithianum var. pseudautoicum Card., Beih. Bot. Centralbl. 19(2): 93. 1905. Holomitrium japonicum Card., Bull. Herb. Boissier sér. 2, 7: 713. 1907. Holomitrium papillosulum Card. & Thér., Bull. Acad. Int. Géogr. Bot. 18: II. 1908.

Plants small, up to 2 cm high, yellowish green or brownish green, in dense tufts. Stems creeping and with reddish brown rhizoids at base, upper part erect, dichotomously branched; central strand present. Leaves up to 3 mm long, oblong-ovate and sheathing at base, gradually narrowed to a linear-lanceolate, deeply carinate and apex acuminate; margins plane, entire, and incurved, unistratose; costa brownish below, lighter above, percurrent; upper cells irregularly quadrate, ca. 12 µm wide, thick-walled; basal cells rectangular, thin-walled, ca. 70 µm × 12 µm; alar cells in small group, hyaline. Autoicous (or pseudoautoicous). Perichaetial leaves well differentiated, erect, sheathing at base, with long carinate and setaceous tips, ca. 1 cm long, a few often exceeding the setae. Setae straight, ca. 8 mm long, deep brownish, spirally twisted when dry; capsules cylindric, somewhat asymmetric and curved, brownish, slightly contracted at the mouth; urns 3 mm × 0.6–0.8 mm; peristome teeth inserted below the mouth, dicranoid, fragile. Calyptrae cucullate, entire at base. Spores brownish, 9–11 µm in diameter.

Type. India: Khasia, J. D. Hooker & T. Thmoson s.n.

Chinese specimens examined: ANHUI: Da-bie Shan (Mt.), K.-H. Cai 2248 (HSNU, IFSBH). FUJIAN: De-hua Co., P.-Z. Zheng 721 (IBSC, IFSBH); Wu-yi Shan (Mt.), P.-J. Lin 2987 (MO). GUANGDONG: Cong-hua Co., D.-H. Zeng 22994 (IBSC, IFSBH); Ding-hu Shan (Mt.), A. Touw 35 (IBSC, IFSBH), H. Wu B256 (MO); Ru-yuan Co., P.-J. Lin 557 (IBSC). GUANGXI: Long-sheng Co., P.-C. Wu & Y.-X. Lin 6378 (IFSBH, PE); Shang-si Co., C. Gao & G.-C. Zhang 2179 (IFSBH). SICHUAN: Omei Co., Raven et al. 58 (MO, as Holomitrium japonicum).

Habitat: on bases of trees and rocks; Distribution: China, Japan, India, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Illustrations: Pl. 50, figs. 1–8.


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