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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Pottiaceae | Didymodon

Didymodon constrictus var. constrictus (Mitt.) Saito, J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 39:514. 1975; Barbula constricta Mitt., J. Proc. Linn. Soc., Bot. Suppl. 1: 33. 1859.

Barbula altipes C. Müll., Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital., n. ser. 4: 254. 1897. Type. China: Shaanxi (Schen-si), Mt. Lun-san-huo, Nov. 1895, P. J. Giraldi s.n. Barbula magnifolia C. Müll., Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital., n. ser. 255. 1897. Type. China: Shaanxi (Schen-si), Hu-schien, Mt. Tsin-lin, Dec. 1895, P. J. Giraldi s.n. Barbula nipponica Nog., J. Jap. Bot. 27: 286, f. 53. 1952.

Plants small to medium-sized, 10–25 mm high, yellowish green to reddish brown, in loose or dense tufts. Stems erect, simple, rarely branched, densely foliate; central strand absent. Leaves involute when dry, erect-spreading when moist, ovate-lanceolate, 0.9–1.5 mm × 0.3–0.4 mm, abruptly narrowed from a broad ovate base to a setaceous apex; margins entire, revolute; costa stout, percurrent to shortly excurrent; upper leaf cells rounded triangular to hexagonal, 8–12 µm × 8–10 µm, irregularly thick-walled, with one to several low papillae, sometimes appearing to be mammillose or smooth; basal cells short-rectangular, 8–18 µm × 6–10 µm, smooth, hyaline, thin-walled. Dioicous. Setae 9–20 mm long, yellowish brown to reddish, not twisted; capsules erect, cylindrical; opercula obliquely long-rostrate; peristome teeth filiform, twisted several times counterclockwise. Spores greenish, minutely papillose.

Type. Between Sikkim and Nepal, J. D. Hooker 170 (NY).

Chinese specimens examined: ANHUI: She Co., W.-F. Zheng 47 (HKAS). BEIJING: Yin-tou ravine, J.-X. Luo 6 (PE). FUJIAN: Fu-zhou City, X.-X. Zhong 141, 154 (HKAS); Wuyi Shan (Mt.), M. Zang 109 (HKAS). GUANGDONG: Yang-shan Co., G.-Q. Zheng 309 (HKAS). GUANGXI: Tian-lin Co., C. Gao 1357 (HKAS, IFSBH). HEBEI: Wei Co., C. Gao 30644 (IFSBH); Xi-ling Shan (Mt.), L.-Q. Yu 190a (HKAS); Xing-lung Co., K.-J. Guan 24 (PE). HENAN: Xi-xia Co., X.-J. Luo 314 (PE). HUBEI: Sheng-nong-jia (Mt.), K.-Y. Guan 80–2761 (HKAS). JIANGXI: Jing-gang Shan (Mt.), D.-K. Li 16702 (HKAS, SHM); Lu Shan (Mt.), X.-J. Li 211 (HKAS). JILIN: An-tu Co., Koponen 37213 (H); Chang-bai Shan (Mt.), C. Gao 7653 (IFSBH). LIAONING: An-shan City, X.-J. Li 77002 (HKAS). NEI MONGOL: Da-qing Shan (Mt.), Z.-G. Tong 801, 804 (PE); He-lan Shan (Mt.), Z.-G. Tong 1143 (PE). SHAANXI: Hu Co., Z.-P. Wei 4612 (HKAS); western Tai-bai Shan (Mt.), Z.-P. Wei 6258 (HKAS). SHANXI: Ning-wu Co., C. Gao 30774 (HKAS, IFSBH); Tai-yuan City, Y.-J. Ling 937 (HKAS). SICHUAN: Ba-tang Co., L.-S. Wang 81–2675 (HKAS); De-rong Co., X.-J. Li 81–2835 (HKAS); Ling-shui Co., P.-C. Chen 1200a (PE), Handel-Mazzetti 5549 (H); Wen-chuan Co., J.-L. Yang 19 (HKAS). TAIWAN: Tai-zhong Co., Koponen 17978 (H, HKAS). XINJIANG: Burqin Co., J.-T. Jiang 371 (MO, HKAS). XIZANG: Lang Co., M. Zang 1687, 1720 (HKAS); Mo-tuo Co., Y.-G. Song 830 (HKAS); Mt. Everest, X.-G. Wang 35 (PE); Shuang-hu Co., K.-Y. Lang 1348 (HKAS). YUNNAN: De-qin Co., L.-S. Wang 2233 (HKAS); Kun-ming City, Koponen 37598 (H, HKAS); Li-jiang Co., X.-J. Li 85113 (HKAS); Teng-chong Co., X.-J. Li 80–430 (HKAS). ZHEJIANG: western Tian-mu Shan (Mt.), R.-L. Hu 88 (HSNU).

Habitat: on rocks, thin soil over rocks, or cliffs in shade or near streams; Distribution: China, Japan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Illustrations: C. Gao (ed.) 1996 (Pl. 61, figs. 16–21, as Barbula constricta).


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