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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 2 | Encalyptaceae | Encalypta

6. Encalypta sinica J.-C. Zhao & M. Li, Arctoa. 8:1. 1999.

Plants small to medium-sized, 1.2–1.4 cm high, light green or yellowish green above, brownish below, in tufts. Stems simple or branched; central strand poorly developed. Leaves incurved or slightly twisted when dry, erect-spreading when moist, 2.5–3.5 mm x 0.60–0.85 mm, oblong-ovate to oblong-ligulate, obtuse at the apex; margins plane or somewhat incurved; costa strong, percurrent; upper and median leaf cells irregularly rounded to quadrate, 10–16 µm, with stellate papillae; basal cells oblong 35–85 µm x 14–18 µm, with reddish, distinctly thickened transverse walls; 3–4 rows of marginal cells linear, 38–75 µm x 5–7 µm, thin-walled, paler. Autoicous. Perichaetial leaves slightly differentiated, somewhat smaller than upper stem leaves. Setae reddish brown, 4–6 mm long, erect, slightly twisted above when dry; capsules cylindrical, base broader, somewhat enlarged distally, 4–5 mm long, with dark red, longitudinal ribs; peristome single, 16 teeth, ca. 330 µm long, orange, erect to inflexed, regularly lanceolate to truncate, papillose; preperistome present, smooth; annuli absent; opercula with a long, straight beak. Calyptrae cylindrical, golden to golden brown, covering the whole capsule, with dense high-conic papillae throughout except the base; rostrum long-erect, about 1/4–1/3 the calyptra length. Spores yellowish brown, 24–32 µm in diameter, nearly smooth on proximal surface, with large warty papillae on distal surface.

Type. China: Hebei, Mt. Xiao-wu-tai, 39°50'–40°47'N, 114°47'–115°30'E), on soil over rock surface, M. Li 97047b (holotype HBNU).

Specimens examined: see the type information cited above.

Habitat: on soil over rocks; Distribution: endemic to China.

Illustrations: Pl. 103, figs. 1–13.


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