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Pakistan | Family List | Poaceae

Agrostis Linn., Sp. Pl. 1:61. 1753. Gen. Pl., ed. 5, 30. 1754; Boiss., Fl. Or. 5:513. 1884; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 7:253. 1896; Bor, Fl. Assam 5:138. 1940; Sultan & Stewart, Grasses W. Pak. 2:300. 1959; Bor, Grasses Burma Ceyl. Ind. Pak. 383. 1960; Bor in Towns., Guest & Al-Rawi, Fl. Iraq 9:282. 1968; Bor in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 70:293. 1970; Tzvelev, Poaceae URSS 325. 1976; Tutin in Tutin et al., Fl. Eur. 5:232. 1980.

  • Trichodium Michx.
  • Vilfa Adans.

    Annuals or perennials. Leaf-blades linear to subulate. Panicle usually much divided, rarely spike-like. Spikelets linear-lanceolate to oblong, small, often gaping and with the rhachilla prolonged beyond the floret; glumes persistent (rarely the spikelet falling entire), subequal, mostly lanceolate and acute to acuminate, membranous, often shining, 1(-3)-nerved; lemma oblong to elliptic, shorter than the glumes, truncate or denticulate, thin, (3-)5-nerved with the nerves often excurrent into mucros, awnless or awned from the back; callus small, obtuse, glabrous or pubescent (rarely bearded); palea usually shorter than the lemma, sometimes obsolete.

    A genus of 150-200 species mainly in temperate and cold regions, especially in the northern hemisphere; 8 species occur in Pakistan.

    There are unconfirmed reports of the following species in Pakistan: Agrostis nervosa Nees ex Trin. (like Agrostis vinealis, but spikelets 2.5-3 mm and anthers less than 1 mm long); Agrostis micrantha Steud. (similar to Agrostis nervosa but spikelets 2mm long); Agrostis capillarys Linn. (Agrostis tenuis Sibth.) (like Agrostis gigantean, but inflated pedicel tip smooth).

    1 Spikelets falling entire attached to the pedicel   (2)
    + Spikelets not falling entire, the rhachilla breaking up at maturity above the persistent glumes   (3)
    2 (1) Spikelets, 1.5-2.5 mm long; palea almost as long as the lemma; anthers 0.5-0.7 mm long   Agrostis viridis
    + Spikelets 3-4 mm long; palea two-thirds the length of the lemma; anthers 1-1.5 mm long   Agrostis hissarica
    3 (1) Lemma hairy   (4)
    + Lemma glabrous   (5)
    4 (3) Palea about as long as the lemma; awn, when present, short and straight   Agrostis munroana
    + Palea not more than a third the length of the lemma; awn long and twisted below   Agrostis pilosula
    5 (3) Palea minute, much less than half as long as the lemma   (6)
    + Palea at least half as long as the lemma   (7)
    6 (5) Anthers 1-1.5 mm long; awn, when present, arising from slightly below the middle of the lemma; panicle lanceolate to narrowly ovate or oblong   Agrostis vinealis
    + Anthers 05-0.8 mm long; awn, when present, arising from slightly above the middle of the lemma; panicle very narrow, interrupted   Agrostis filipes
    7 (5) Plant with stolons but without rhizomes; panicle contracted after anthesis   Agrostis stolonifera
    + Plant with rhizomes but without stolons; panicle loose and open after anthesis   Agrostis gigantea

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