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Pakistan | Family List | Leonticaceae

Bongardia C.A. Mey., Verz. Pflanz. Cauc. 174. 1831. Benth. & Hook. f., Gen. Pl. 1: 43. 1862; Hook. f. & Thoms., Fl. Ind. 1: 230. 1855; Boiss., Fl. Or. 1: 98. 1867; Kom., Fl. U.R.S.S. ed. 2.7:551. 1937; Tutin et al, Fl. Europ. 1:244. 1964; Davis, l.c. 212.

Bongardia chrysogonum

Credit: Azmat

Perennial herbs with tuberous rhizome and 1-3 radical leaves only, glabrous, somewhat fleshy. Leaves imparipinnate with usually 6-8 lateral pair of segments and a slightly larger terminal segment, petiolate, somewhat pale and coarsely veined below. Raceme terminal, forkedly branched or panicled, bracteate. Flowers yellowish, regular, hermaphrodite. Sepals 3-6, caducous. Petals 6, flat, longer than sepals with appendiculate nectaries at base. Stamens 6, free, about half as long as the petals; filaments short, anthers oblong, dehiscing by 2 valves above. Ovary 1-carpellary, 1-locular, with 5-6 (-8) basal, orthotropous ovules; style short with disc-shaped, lobed-plicate stigma. Capsule inflated, bladder-shaped, scarious or membranous, with several folds on the wall, dehiscent or opening by the splitting of the wall into several segments above; seeds 1-4 (-6), globose, black, pruinose.

A monotypic genus with 1 species from E. Mediterranean to W. Pakistan.

Lower Taxon

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