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Pakistan | Family List | Bombacaceae

Chorisia H.B.K., Nov. Sp. 5:295.t.485. 1821. Endl. & Fenzl, Gen.Pl.2:988.1836; Benth. & Hook.f., Gen. Pl. 1:210.1862; Engl. & Prantl, Nat. Pflan. Fam.3,6:62.1887; Hutch., Gen. Fl.Pl.2:535.1968.

Prickly trees. Leaves alternate, long petioled digitately compound; leaflets 5-7, entire or serrate, lanceolate, acuminate to cuspidate, stipules deciduous. Inflorescence axillary or racemose with 2-3 bracteoles. Flowers large, pinkish or yellow. Calyx campanulate, 2-5 lobed, valvate. Petals 5, linear, oblong or spathulate, spreading or reflexed with convolute aestivation, pubescent or wooly. Staminal tube double, outer one short, 10 lobed at the apex, without anthers (staminode); inner tube long, adanate with petals at the base, 5 lobed at the apex, each lobe bearing linear extrose anthers. Carpels 3, fused, ovary ± ovate, 5 -locular with many ovules in each locule; style simple, stigma capitate, 5 lobed, pubescent. Capsule pyriform or oblong, woody, dehiscing by 5 valves. Seeds numerous, embedded within the dense wool of endocarp.

A genus with about 9 species chiefly distributed in South America; represented by the following introduced species in Pakistan.

Lower Taxon


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