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Pakistan | Family List | Pakistan V. 207 | Asteraceae

10. Dendranthema (DC.) Des Moul., Acta Soc. Linn. Bordeaux. 20: 561. 1860; Tzvelev. in Schischk. & Bobrov, Fl. USSR 26: 348. 2000 (Engl. transl.); K.Bremer & Humphries in Bull. Natur. Hist. Mus. Lond. (Bot.) 23(2): 113. 1993; K.Bremer, Asteraceae 459. 1994.

Pyrethrum sect. Dendranthema DC., Prodr. 6: 62. 1837; Chrysanthemum sect. Pyrethrum subsect. Dendranthema (DC.) Kitam. in Act. Phyt. et Geo-Bot. 4: 36. 1935; in Comp. Japon. 2: 350. 1940-pro parte.

Perennial herbs, sometimes basally woody shrublets. Leaves alternate, pinnately shallowly to deeply dissected, lobed or occasionally entire. Capitula radiate, heterogamous, solitary, terminal or few to many and laxly corymbose. Involucre ± saucer-shaped, 3-seriate, phyllaries imbricate, broadly membranous or dark brown margined. Receptacle convex to somewhat conical, ± punctate-tuberculate, epaleate. Ray-florets uniseriate, female, fertile, with white, pink or yellowish ligules. Disc-florets bisexual, yellow, with tubular-conical, glandular, 5-lobed, unwinged corolla tube. Anthers lacking basal appendages, with subtriangular apical appendages. Cypselas homomorphic, obconic-obovoid, 5-8-ribbed, thin-walled, usually with myxogenic cells in rows. Pappus absent.

Species 37, distributed mainly in China, Japan, Korea, Mangolia, Indo-Pakistan subcontinent, Central Asian States and East Europe. Represented in Pakistan by the following species, usually in cultivation but as escape also.

Lower Taxon


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