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Pakistan | Family List | Sterculiaceae

Dombeya Cay., Diss. 1787. (conserved name); Benth. & Hook.f.,Gen.Pl. 1:221.1862; Masters in Oliv.,Fl. Trop.Afr. 1: 226.1868 ; Hutch., Gen. Fl. Pl. 2:504.1967.

Trees or shrubs. Leaves 5-costate, cordate, usually palmately lobed. Inflorescence an axillary or terminal, much branched, pedunculate cyme. Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic; bract 3, deciduous or absent. Sepals 5, united at the base, eventually reflexed. Petals 5, persistent, imbricate. Stamens 10-20, alternating with 5, strap-shaped staminodes, both monadelphous at the base, anthers parallel. Carpels 2-5, syncarpous; ovary sessile, 2-5-loculed, each locule 2-3-ovuled; style simple; stigmas 2-5, patent. Capsule loculicidally dehiscent, as many loculed as ovary, locules 1-2-seeded. Seeds endospermic.

A large genus of c. 350 species, mainly centered in Africa and Madagascar. Introduced and cultivated in other countries. Represented in Pakistan by 5 cultivated species.

1 Peduncle more than 20 cm long. Fruiting style c. 2 cm long. Stigma exserted   Dombeya wallichii
+ Peduncle less than 10 cm long. Fruiting style c.1 cm long. Stigma usually included   (2)
2 (1) Leaves unlobed or obscurely lobed. Inflorescence an umbellate cyme. Flowers white, bracts linear or awl-shaped   (3)
+ Leaves 2-5-lobed. Inflorescence a branched cyme (not umbellate). Flowers pinkish; bracts ovate or absent   (4)
3 (2) Flowers sweet-scented. Capsule globose   Dombeya natalensis
+ Flowers not scented. Capsule oblong   Dombeya mastersii
4 (2) Leaf bases deeply cordate, lower surface with prominent rusty pubescent veins. Bracts absent   Dombeya spectabilis
+ Leaf bases shallowly cordate, lower surface velvety. Bracts ovate, acuminate   Dombeya acutangula

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