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Pakistan | Family List | Brassicaceae

Enarthrocarpus Labill., Icon. Fl. Syr. 5:4. 1812. Schulz in Engler, l.c. 210; Hedge in Davis, l.c. 270; in Rech.f., l.c. 44.

Enarthrocarpus lyratus

Credit: Shaukat & Azmat

Annual herbs with lyrate or divided leaves, ± hispid with short simple, whitish hairs. Racemes short, subcorymbose, often bracteate below, becoming lax in fruit. Flowers medium size, pale yellow with brownish or violet veined petals. Sepals open, inner hardly or not saccate at the base, oblong, subequal. Petals narrowly obovate, clawed. Lateral nectar glands depressed, inconspicuous; middle club-shaped or oblong. Ovary cylindrical, few to many ovuled, 2-parted; stigma capitate. Siliquae cylindrical torulose, biarticulated, narrowed into a distinct beak-like structure; both parts usually seed-bearing, upper longer many seeded, lower short, 1-3-seeded; pedicel short, thick and adpressed to the stem; septum absent; cotyledons longitudinally folded, truncate.

About 6 species, mostly in the east and south of the Mediterranean basin; only one species is found in our area (Makran).

Lower Taxon

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