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Pakistan | Family List | Urticaceae

Forsskaolea Linn., Opobalsam. Decl. 17. 1764. Mantissa 1:72. 1767; Benth. & Hook.f., Gen.Pl.3:393. 1880;, Hook.f., Fl.Brit. Ind. 5:593. 1885; Hutch., Gen.Fl. Pl.2:194. 1967.

  • Caidbeja Forssk.

    Monoecious, perennial herbs, with non-stinging hairs and dot-like cystoliths. Leaves 3-costate, alternate, crenate-dentate; stipules free. Inflorescence of axillary, sessile, cymose bisexual clusters enclosed by tubular-campanulate, densely hairy involucre of 3-6, slightly connate bracts. Flowers minute, unisexual; female surrounded by a ring of male flowers. Calyx tubular, 3(5)-lobed in male, absent in female flowers. Stamen solitary. Ovary upright, wooly, style absent, stigma filiform, papillate-hispid, shortly persistent; pistillode absent in male flowers. Achenes ovate or ovoid-elliptic, flattened, densely hairy, enveloped in woolly involucre.

    A small genus of 6 species; distributed from Canary Isles and south east Spain eastwards to Pakistan and western India.

    Lower Taxon

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