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Pakistan | Family List | Sterculiaceae

Guazuma Mill., Gard.Disct.Abridg.ed. 4.2. 1754. Benth. & Hook. f.,Gen.Pl. 1:225.1862; Masters in Hook.f.,Fl.Brit. Ind 1:375.1874; Hutch., Gen.Fl.Pl. 2:514.1967.

Trees or shrubs, with stellate hairs. Leaves alternate, simple, dentate, serrate, often oblique. Inflorescence an axillary-pedunculate cyme. Flowers white, pink or yellow, bisexual, actinomorphic, bracteate. Calyx 2-5-lobed or partite, lobes reflexed. Petals 5, cucullate, apex with a long, deeply bifid liguliform appendage, valvate. Stamens 15, monadelphous, staminal column split above into triangular or lanceolate staminodes and 5 lobes, each with 3 functional anthers, antipetalous. Carpels 5, syncarpous; ovary ellipsoid-globose, 5-loculed, ovules biseriate; style filiform. Fruit a woody capsule, muricate, bristly or with filiform appendages. Seeds small, endospermic.

A small genus of 4 species, chiefly distributed in tropical America; introduced in cultvation in other parts of the world.

Lower Taxon

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