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Gymnocarpos Forssk., Fl. Aegypt.-Arab. 65. 1775. Endl., Gen. Pl. 958. 1839; Benth. and Hook. f., Gen.Pl. 3: 17. 1880.

Gymnocarpos decander

Credit: Asad

Erect, woody, undershrubs. Leaves opposite, sessile, linear-terete, stipulate. Inflorescence short peduncled terminal or axillary cymose head. Flowers sessile, bracteate, bisexual, perigynous. Sepals 5, free, dorsally hooded, awned at the back. Petals 5, free, subulate. Stamens 5, free, opposite to sepals, filaments slightly longer than petals and inserted at rim of the receptacle. Carpels 3, united; ovary sessile, densely papillose, ovule campylotropous; style trifid, stigmas 3. Fruit membranous, indehiscent utricle enclosed by persistent sepals. Embryo horse-shoe shaped.

2 species; 1 distributed in Canaries, North Africa, Middle East, Iran, West Pakistan; 1 confined to Mongolia.

Lower Taxon

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