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Pakistan | Family List | Sterculiaceae

Kleinhovia Linn., Sp. Pl. ed. 2. 1365. 1763. Gen. Pl. ed. 6:468.1764; Benth. & Hook.f.,Gen.Pl. 1:219.1862; Masters in Hook.f., Fl.Brit.Ind.1:364. 1874; Hutch.,Gen.Fl.Pl. 2:517.1967.

A tree with rounded, broadly ovate, 3-7-costate, long petioled leaves. Inflorescence a terminal loose drooping panicle. Flowers bisexual, zygomorphic, bracteolate. Sepals 5, free or basally connate, longer than petals. Petals 5, unequal. Stamens 15, monadelphous, staminal column broadly campanulate, ad¬nate to gynophore, 5-lobed, each lobe with 3 anthers and alternating with staminodes, anthers subsessile, extrorse. Carpels 5, syncarpous; ovary stalked, 5-lobed, 5-locular, each locule 3-4-ovuled; style short, slender, stigma 5-lobed. Fruit an inflated, membranous, loculicidally 5-valved capsule. Seeds globose, tubercled, exalbuminous.

A monotypic genus of tropical Asia and East Tropical Africa.

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