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Pakistan | Family List | Vitaceae

1. Leea Royen ex Linn., Mant. 1:17.124. 1767. Lawson in Hook . f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:664. 1875; Talbot, For. Fl. Bomb. Pres. & Sind. 1 326. 1911; Parker, For. Fl. Punj. Haz. & Del. ed. 2.99. 1921; Collet, Fl. Simlensis ed. 2.294. 1921; Suessenguth in Engler & Prantl, Natr. Pfanzenfam. ed. 2.20: 372 - 390. 1953.


Mostly unarmed trees, erect shrubs or herbs. Leaves alternate very rarely opposite, usually uni to tripinnate compound, rarely simple, stipule auricle-like or sheathing or absent; leaflets usually dentate, petiolulate. Inflorescence of leaf-opposed corymbose cymes, peduncle often rusty tomentose, never modified into tendrils. Flowers usually white or whitish; sepals (4-)5 united into a cupular, shortly toothed cup-like hypanthium. Petals (4-)5, free or basally united and adherent to staminal tube, reflexed. Stamens united at the base into a short or long 5- lobed epipetalous staminal tube, anthers alternating with bifid or entire lobes of staminal tube, extrorse. Ovary (3-)4-5(-8) locular, locules uniovulate, syncarpous, superior, angular, often sunken in the disc; style simple, with an insignificant stigma. Fruit berry. Seeds wedge-shaped.

A paleotropical genus of c. 70 species. Represented in our area by following species only.

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