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Pakistan | Family List | Juncaceae

Luzula BC. in Lam. & DC., Fl. France. ed. 3:158. 1805. (nom. cons.); Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 6:401. 1892; Buchen. in Engler, Pflanzenr. IV. 36:42. 1960; Krecz. & Gontsch. in Kom., l.c. 559; Snog., l.c. 31.

  • Juncoides Seguier

    Tufted perennials, with mostly radical, flat leaves whitish ciliate on the margins and closed basal sheaths without auricles; eauline leaves shorter than radical. Inflorescence cymose, few to many flowered, sometimes condensed into a head. Flowers solitary or crowded in glomerules. Perianth segments mostly equal, connate to sub-connate at base, subcoriaceous, acute, often dark-coloured. Stamens (3-) 6, included. Capsules trigonous, 1-celled, loculicidal, 3-seeded only (or lesser due to abortion); seed often carunculate at one end, smooth and shiny.

    A genus of nearly 80 species, chiefly in the cold and temperate regions of northern hemisphere; represented here by 2 species.

    1 Inflorescence ± spike-like, with several congested clusters of flowers (usually drooping, sometimes sub-branched below). Perianth segments 2-2.5 mm long   Luzula spicata
    + Inflorescence a lax panicle of 1 sessile and 3-6 stalked spherical obovate clusters of 3-12 flowers each. Perianth segments (2.5-) 34 mm long   Luzula campestris

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