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Pakistan | Family List | Mimosaceae

Mimosa Linn., Sp. P1. 516. 1753. Gen. Pl. ed. 5. 597. 1754.

Mimosa himalayana

Credit: Asad

Trees shrubs or herbs, mostly armed; leaves bipinnate; secondary rachides mostly 2-stipellate. Inflorescence globose head or cylindric spike. Flowers small, sessile 6-3-merous. Calyx usually minute. Petals more or less connate. Stamens double the number of petals or equal, free, often twice as long as the corol┬Čla; anthers small, eglandular. Ovary usually sessile, 2 or more ovuled; style fill form. Fruit oblong or linear, usually plano-compressed, valves 2, separating from the persistent margins. Seeds ovate or orbicular, flat.

A genus with about 600 species, mostly from tropics and subtropics.

1 +Pinnae 1-2 pairs (crowded at the end of the rachis so as to appear digitate).   Mimosa pudica
+ Pinnae more than 2 pairs   (2)
2 (1) Rachis 10-23 cm long, pinnae 5-12 pairs; sutures of pod generally not prickly or with only a few prickles, pod glabrous   Mimosa himalayana
+ Rachis 1.2-5.5 cm long, pinnae 3-6 pairs; sutures of pod prickly, pod velvety   Mimosa hamata

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