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Moricandia DC., Syst.Nat. 2:626. 1821. Prodr., l:221.1824; Benth. & Hook.f., l.c. 85 (excl. syn.); Boiss., l.c. 385; Hook.f., l.c. 158 (partly); Schulz in Engl. & Prantl, l.c. 387; Hedge in Rech.f., l.c. 55.

Moricandia sinaica

Credit: Shaukat & Azmat

Annual or perennial herbs, glabrous, (rarely hairy with simple often glanĀ¬dular hairs), erect, branched. Leaves simple, somewhat fleshy, sessile, glabrous, glaucous, obovate or ovate; lower obovate, semi-amplexicaul; upper ovate, cordate, amplexicaul. Racemes lax, ebracteate. Flowers usually large, white, pink or violet; pedicel short, somewhat thickened in fruit. Sepals erect, unequal, inner broad and saccate at the base. Petals about twice as long as the sepals, obovate, long clawed, apex truncate. Stamens 6; filament linear; anthers broadly linear, acute. Lateral nectar glands semilunate; middle absent. Ovary cylindrical, many ovuled; beak very short, sterile, style-like; stigma bilobed with decurrent lobes. Siliquae linear, compressed, somewhat angular, bilocular, dehiscent; valves glabrous with a prominent mid-rib; beak very short, sterile; septum memĀ¬branous, not veined; seeds many, biseriate or sub-biseriate, small, ellipsoid, brown; cotyledons conduplicate.

About 6 species, mostly in the Mediterranean region; only 1 known to the present area.

Lower Taxon

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