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Pakistan | Family List | Haemodoraceae

3. Ophiopogon Ker-Gawler, Bot. Mag. t. 1063. 1807. Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 6:267.1892; Stearn l.c. 75; Bailey, Gentes Herbarium, 21: 1-37.1929.


Plants with short thick rhizomes. Roots fibrous, sometimes elongated and thickened into tubers. Leaves linear to narrowly lanceolate, lower part narrowed into a petiole-like base. Bracts small, scarious. Perianth tube none. Perianth segments free, oblong. Stamens at the base of the perianth segments. Anthers longer than the filaments, basifixed. Ovary half inferior, 3-locular with 2 ovules in each locule. Style longer than the stamens, columnar, trifid. Fruit indehiscent, with seeds bursting through the fruit wall exposing the seeds.

A small genus of c. 20 East Asian species; represented in Pakistan by 2 species.

1 Scape triquetrous, half as long as or as long as the leaves. Racemes few-flowered. Flowers erect. Bracts as long as or shorter than the flowers, margin scabrous   1 Ophiopogon intermedius
+ Scape flattened, winged, as long as or longer than the leaves. Flowers in fascicles, nodding. Bracts larger, hyaline   2 Ophiopogon planiscapum

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