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Pakistan | Family List | Papilionaceae

Psoralea Linn., Sp. Pl. 762. 1753. Gen.Pl.ed.5.336.1754; Baker in Hook. f.,Fl. Brit. Ind.2:103. 1876; Cooke, Fl. Bomb.Pres.1:320.1902; Ali in Biologia 9: 17.1963.

Herbs or undershrubs, punctate with black, brown or pellucid glands. Leaf 1-3 or more foliolate, leaflets entire; stipules present. Inflorescence capitate, spicate, subracemose or fasciculate. Bracts membranous, bracteoles absent. Calyx lobes subequal or the lower lobes larger. Petals all clawed, keel incurved, obtuse. Stamens diadelphous 9+1 or monadelphous, vexillary stamen free or more or less connate with others; anthers uniform or slightly dimorphous. Ovary sessile or stipitate, 1-ovuled, style incurved, Stigma terminal. Fruit ovate, indehiscent, 1-seeded.

A genus with about 130 species, mainly tropical and temperate in distribution, most numerous in S.Africa, locally represented by three species.

1 Fruit glabrous   Psoralea corylifolia
+ Fruit pilose   (2)
2 (1) Fruit not enclosed in the calyx, leaflets more than half as broad as long   Psoralea drupacea
+ Fruit completely enclosed in the calyx, leaflets less than half as broad as long   Psoralea plicata

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