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Pakistan | Family List | Sterculiaceae

Pterospermum Schreb., Gen. 2:461. 1791. (Conserved name); Roxb.,Fl.lnd. ed. Carey 3:158. 1832; Benth. & Hook.f.,Gen.Pl. 1:220.1862; Masters in Hook.f.,Fl.Brit.lnd. 1:3661874; Hutch., Gen.Fl.Pl. 2:516.1967; Kochummen in Whitmore, Tr.Fl. Malaya 2:367.1973.

Trees or shrubs, covered with scales or stellate tomentum. Leaves alternate, simple, often lobed, usually obliquely cordate, coppery, rusty or silvery beneath, coriaceous. Inflorescence axillary or terminal, 1-3-flowedre. Flowers large, bisexual, actinomorphic, white or yellow; bracts 3, entire or laciniate. Calyx tubular, 5-toothed or partite, deciduous. Petals 5, strap-shaped, imbricate, deciduous. Stamens 15, monadelphous at the base, staminal column adnate to androgynophore, divided into 5 bundles, each of 3 fertile anthers, alternate with antipetalous, ligulate staminodes; anthers oblong, apiculate, loculi parallel. Carpells 3-5, syncarpous; ovary raised on androgynophore, 3-5-loculed, densely tomentose, each locule many-ovuled; style slender, clavate, stigma 3-5-lobed. Capsule large, woody or leathery, loculicidally 3-5-valved, terete or angular, oblong, glabrous or tomen┬Čtose. Seeds winged above, with or without endosperm.

About 40 species; distributed in East Himalayas, South East Asia and W. Malayasia.

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