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Pakistan | Family List | Lythraceae

Rotala Linn., Mant. Alt. 1771. D.A. Webb in Tutin etal, l.c. 303; Pol. & Rech. f. in Rech. f., l.c. 8.

Rotala densiflora

Credit: M.Y. Saleem

  • Ammannia Sect. Ameletia Boiss.
  • Ammannia subgenus Rotala (L.) C.B. Clarke

    Annual herbs, hygrophilous, glabrous. Stem ± quadrangular. Inflorescence axillary, solitary or spicate, in almost every axil. Flowers 4-5-merous, sessile, 2-bracteolate; bracteoles ± equalling the flower. Hypanthium campanulate or tubular-campanulate, membranous in fruit. Epicalyx present or absent. Petals persistent. Ovary oblong or 3-angled, 2-3(-4)-locular, style short. Capsule equalling the hypanthium, 2-3 (-4)-valved, faintly horizontally striate, placenta clavate. Seeds elongated or roundish.

    Species about 50. Tropical or subtropical. 2 species occur in Pakistan.

    1 Leaf margin cartilaginous. Inflorescence an axillary spike. Flowers 4-merous. Epicalyx absent. Capsule 2- valved   Rotala indica
    + Leaf margin not cartilaginous. Inflorescence axillary solitary. Flowers 5-merous. Epicalyx present. Capsule 3(-4)-valved   Rotala densiflora

    Lower Taxa

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