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Pakistan | Family List | Aizoaceae

Trianthema Linn., Sp. P1. 223. 1753. Gen. Pl. ed. 5. 105.1754; Boiss., Fl. Or. 2: 766.1872; C.B. Clarke in Hook. f., Fl. Brit Ind. 2: 660. 1879; Kashyap, Lah. Dist. Fl. 117. 1939; Jafri, Fl. Kar. 115. 1966.

Trianthema triquetra

Credit: M.Y. Saleem

  • Papularia
  • Portulacastrum Juss. ex Medic.

    Prostrate, diffusely branched, glabrous or papillose herbs. Leaves opposite, unequal, ex-stipulate. Flowers small, axillary, solitary or in cymes or clusters. Calyx 5-lobed. Petals absent. Stamens 5-10 or more, episepa┬Člous. Ovary 1-2-locular, with 1 to many basal ovules; styles 1-2. Capsule membranous or coriaceous. Seeds few, reniform.

    A genus of 20 species, tropical to subtropical. Africa, America, Asia and Australia. Represented here by 2 species.

    1 Petiole base with 2 scarious stipular appen- dages. Leaves sub-orbiculate to obovate, 1.5-2.6 cm long. Stamens 10-15.Lid of pyxidium with irregular margin. Seeds 2 mm broad   Trianthema portulacastrum
    + Petiole base without stipular appendages. Leaves elliptic ovate to oblong, 0.4-1.2 cm long. Stamens 5. Lid of pyxidium with smooth margin. Seeds c. 1.1 mm broad   Trianthema triquetra

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