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Pakistan | Family List | Asclepiadaceae

10. Vincetoxicum N.M. von Wolf, Gen. Pl. 130. 1776. Bullock in Kew Bull. 13:302. 19581:351.1967; Rechinger f., Fl. Iran. 73:10.1970 pro parte; Markgraf in Tutin et al. Fl. Europ. 3:71.1972; Ali & Khatoon in Pak. J. Bot. 14(1):61.68. 1982.


Rhizomatous herbs or undershrubs, young branches often twining. Leaves opposite, petiolate, lamina suborbicular to lanceolate. Flowers in axillary few-flowered cyrnes. Corolla lobes twisted in bud. Corona simple, 5-lobed or partite, lobes without internal processes, free or fused at the base only. Pollinia solitary in each loculus, pendulous, without a pellucid margin. Follicles smooth, fusiform.

A genus with about 10-20 species, distributed in Europe and Asia; represented in Pakistan by 6 species.

1 Corolla lobes hairy within   (3)
+ Corolla lobes glabrous within   (2)
2 (1) Leaves dark green above, light green below, 2-3 times as long as broad   1 Vincetoxicum hirundinaria
+ Leaves ± of similar colour on both the sides, 3-5 times as long as broad   2 Vincetoxicum cardiostephanum
3 (1) Coronal lobe less than ½ the corolla lobe   (4)
+ Coronal lobe more than ½ the corolla lobe   3 Vincetoxicum canescens
4 (3) Flowers clusters axillary, sessile or shortly pedunculate, corona lobes rhomboid or deltoid   (5)
+ Flower clusters conspicuously pedunculate, (particularly in lower part of stem), corona lobes linear or narrowly ovate   5 Vincetoxicum stocksii
5 (4) Inflorescence shortly pedunculate, corona lobes broadly deltoid, tuberculate, convergent   6 Vincetoxicum sakesarense
+ Inflorescence sessile, corona lobes rhomboidal, not tuberculate, divergent   4 Vincetoxicum arnottianum

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