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3. Gentianopsis paludosa (Munro ex Hook.f.) Ma in Acta Phytotax. 1:1. 1951. Ho, l.c., 294.


Department of Botany, University of Karachi, Karachi-75270

  • Gentiana detonsa var. paludosa Munro ex Hook. f.
  • Gentiana detonsa var. stracheyi Clarke
  • Gentiana paludosa Munro ex Hook. f.
  • Gentiana stracheyi (Clarke) Kitam
  • Gentianella stracheyi (Clarke) H. Smith

    Biennial-perennial, erect 25-60 (-70) cm long herb. Stem canaliculate, glabrous, simple or branched. Basal leaves rosulate, 2.5-5.0 x 0.75-1.25 cm, oblanceolate-obovate, sometimes spathulate, obtuse, entire, mostly smaller than middle cauline leaves, cauline leaves 2.0-5.0 x 0.75-1.25 cm, sessile, ovate, acute, entire, opposite. Inflorescence on a long, axillary or terminal solitary peduncle, axillary peduncles opposing each other. Floral buds ellipsoidal. Flowers 4-6 cm long, tubular-campanulate, calyx 2.0-2.5 cm long, forming a distinct keel or wing, lobes unequal, distichously arranged, tetramerous, 2 longer lobes: lanceolate, acute-acuminate, marginate, 8.0-10.0 x 2.0-4.0 mm, 2 shorter lobes: lance shaped, acute, marginate, 5-7 x 3-5 mm. Corolla violet-yellow or white, tubular, 4-6 cm long, 0.7- 1.0 cm broad at throat, lobes obovate, obtuse, 0.5-1.0 x 0.25-0.5 cm, margin serrate, with distinct fimbriae in the lower margin, nectaries present at the base of the corolla tube and opposing the lobes. Anthers versatile or dorsifixed, filaments inserted deep in the corolla tube, 2.0-2.5 cm long, nectaries present at the base of corolla tube and alternating with staminal filaments. Ovary elliptic-laneolate with distinct gynophore, style absent, stigmas two. Seeds numerous, dark brown, papillose, elliptic-ovate.

    Lectotype: Illustration of Gentiana detonsa var. paludosa Munro ex Hook.f., in Hook., I.c. Pl. 9. t. 857.1852.

    The type specimen of Gentianopsis paludosa (Munro ex Hook.f.) Ma is untraceable at K.

    The original description (Hooker, Hooker, Icones Plantarum 9. t.857.1852) contains a good illustration, and is designated as Lectotype.

    A-7 Chitral: Hahutsar nullah, 11000 ft., 14.8.1957, Zahur s.n. (RAW), Gilgit: Gilgit, 1909, Toppin 1021 (K), c.6 miles from Yasin, along Nazber nullah, Omer 234 (KUH), B-7 Hazara: about 2 miles from Burawai on way to Baisal, Akhter & Qaiser 378 (KUH), about 14 miles from Burawai on way to Gilgit, 2.9.1972, Qaiser & Ghafoor 5368 (KUH), N.-0 e ft.tape de Gittidas a’ Besal 3470m, 24.7.1953, Schmid 506 (BM, E), B-8 Astore: Gudhai valley, 11-12000 ft., 22.7.1892, Duthie s.n. (0), Kashmir: Nichinai, 11500 ft., 2.9.1956, Polunin 56/645 (B), Sonamarg, 9-10000 ft., 20.8.1946, R.R. Stewart 22405 (K), id., ± 9000 ft., 31.8.1917, R.R. Stewart 3497 (K), id., 12000 ft., 29.8.1876, Clarke 30813 A (K) and 30813 B (BM), Mt.Kolahoi, 12-13000 ft., 16-20, 8.1927, R.R. Stewart 9429 (K), Baltal, 9000 ft., 14.7.1977, Stainton 7944 (E), Imasi La, 13000 ft., 29.7.1976, ibid 7725 (E), Kargeh valley, Tilail, 12-13000 ft., 30.8.1893, Duthie 13911 (K), Deosai, 13000 ft., 31.7.1876, Clarke 29819 A (K), above Rattu, Astore valley, 8-9000 ft., 18.7.1946, R.R. Stewart 22799 (K).

    Distribution: Pakistan, China, Tibet and India.

    An Irano-Turanian element.


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