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28. Nepeta leucolaena Benth. ex Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 4: 662. 1885. Matter, Beaut. Flow. Kashmir 2: 119. 1928; Mukerjee, l.c. 128; Kitamura, Pl. W. Pak. & Afghan. 128. 1964; Stewart, Ann. Cat. Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 623. 1972; Kachroo et al., Fl. Ladakh 130. 1977.

I.C. Hedge

  • Nepeta royleana R. R. Stewart
  • Nepeta salviaefolia Royle ex Benth.
  • Nepeta stewartii Raizada

    Perennial, strongly aromatic, with a thick woody rootstock, clump-forming. Stems 30-60 cm, erect, rather slender, little or not branched, grey-white, leafy, at least when young with a dense indumentum of adpressed stellate-dendroid hairs and with or without papillose glandular hairs, ± glabrescent when old. Leaves thick, grey-white on both surfaces with a dense covering of stellate-dendroid hairs, up to 15 x 12 mm, ovate or elliptic-ovate, crenulate, broadly cuneate or truncate; clusters of younger leaves present in leaf axils; petiole up to 10 mm on lower cauline leaves, less above. Inflorescence of ± distant few- to several-flowered sessile or pedunculate cymose verticillasters borne in the axils of the upper leaves and leaf-like bracts. Inner bracts linear-oblong, much shorter than calyces. Flowers sessile or very shortly pedicellate. Calyx c. 5 mm, straight, with a very dense indumentum of stellate-dendroid hairs to a glandular-papillose indumentum with few branched hairs; throat slightly oblique; teeth narrow triangular shorter than to as long as calyx tube. Corolla pale lilac or lavender 12-15 mm; tube slender exserted, not or scarcely widened at throat; upper lip straight, shortly bifid. Nutlets narrow ellipsoid, 1.8-2 x 0.8 mm, dark brown, with an apical tuft of multicellular simple or branched hairs, minutely granular with a small subbasal areole.

    Fl. Per.: June-August.

    Holotype: [Kashmir B-9] Zanskar and Ladak [Hanupatta], 12 - 13,000 ft, T. Thomson (K!).

    Distribution: Kashmir, Tibet?.

    With the material available, which is not inadequate, there seems no reason to keep Nepeta royleana as a separate species. The various characters used to separate it and Nepeta leucolaena completely break down.


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