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Pakistan | Family List | Pakistan V. 207 | Asteraceae | Hippolytia

1. Hippolytia senecionis (Jacquem. ex Besser) DC., Prodr. 6: 129. 1837; Poljakov in Schischk. & Bobrov, Fl. URSS 26: 414. 1961, in Obs.; Podlech in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. Comp. IV. 158: 132. t. 126. 1986.

Artemisia senecionis Jacquem. ex Besser in Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat. Mosc. 9: 75. 1836; Tanacetum tomentosum DC., Prodr. 6: 130. 1837; T. petiolosum Pamp., LAV. 1st Bot. Reale Univ. Cagliari 22: 173. 1934.

Perennial herb with several, sterile and fertile, erect to ascending, up to 40 cm tall floral shoots from woody, 1.5 – 2 cm thick, upright rootstock, beset with remains of petiolar bases. Leaves densely appressed glossy grey hairy, lower leaves on 4 – 20 cm long , basally membranous and abruptly expanded petioles, lamina oblong-ovate, usually shorter than petioles, 2-3-pinnatisect into linear-oblong to ±oblanceolate, 2 – 6 x 0.5 – 1 mm, subobtuse – acuminate ultimate segments, middle stem and upper leaves gradually smaller, subsessile to sessile, less dissected and with shorter acute-acuminate ultimate segments. Capitula on short, densely lanate, especially below involucre, peduncles or sessile, c. 5 – 6 mm across, densely congested in a corymb. Involucre hemispherical, phyllaries 2-3-seriate, imbricate, externally greenish-yellow, ± densely arachnoid hairy, outermost deltoid-lanceolate, narrowly dark brown to brownish, acute, inner ones oblong, c. 5 mm long, broadly brownish to dark brown scarious on margins and obtuse apices. Florets bisexual, yellow, with c. 3 mm long, abruptly dilated above middle part, punctate glandulose, 5-toothed corolla tube. Cypselas narrowly oblong, c. 2.5 mm long, 5-ribbed. Pappus absent.

Fl. Per.: July-September.

Syntypes: Himalaya, V. Jacquemont 1570, 1692, 2024 (P).

Rare or under-collected from our region; Distribution: NE Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan.


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