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Annual or perennial herbs, usually aquatic. Leaf-blades linear or sometimes broad and falsely petiolate; ligule membranous. Inflorescence of pedicelled spike-lets in open or contracted panicles. Spikelets all alike, bisexual, 1-flowered or 3-flowered with the 2 lower florets reduced to narrow glume-like lemmas, disarticulating above the glumes at maturity; glumes almost suppressed, often discernible as obscure lips at the tip of the pedicel; lemma chartaceous or coriaceous, ± laterally flattened, 3-9-nerved, awnless or awned from the tip; palea similar in shape and texture to the lemma; lodicules 2, bilobed or entire; stamens usually 6; stigmas 2. Grain with small embroy and linear hilum; starch grains compound. Chromosomes small, basic number 12.

7 genera in tropical and warm temperate regions throughout the world; 3 genera with 4 species in Pakistan.

A widespread tribe of aquatic grasses whose anatomy suggests a relationship with Bambuseae.

1 Leaf-blades ovate-oblong with inflated sheaths; glumes absent; floret 1; lemma awned; a floating grass   Hygroryza
+ Leaf-blades linear, acute or acuminate; sheaths not inflated; aquatic grasses   (2)
2 (1) Fertile lemma supported by 2 empty scales; tip of pedicel with 2 obscure lips   Oryza
+ Fertile lemma solitary; tip of pedicel without lips; spikelets imbricate   Leersia

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