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Filago pyramidata L., Sp. Pl. 1199. 1753.; Wagenitz in Willdenowia 4: 49. 1965; in Rech.f., Fl. Iran. 145: 19. 1980; R. R. Stewart, Ann. Cat. Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 747. 1972; Houlb in P. H. Davis, Fl. Turkey 5: 104. 1975; Feinburn-Dothan, Fl. Palaest. 3: 306. 1978; S. Chaudhary, Fl. Kingd. Saudi Arab. 2(3): 139. 2000. (Fig. 31, A-E).

  • Filago germanica L. subsp. spathulata (C. Presl.) Rouy.
  • Filago germanica L. var. pyramidata (L.) Gaudin
  • Filago germanica L. var. spathulata (C. Presl.) DC.
  • Filago spathulata C. Presl.
  • Gifola pyramidata (L.) Dumort.
  • Gifola spathulata (C. Presl.) Reichenb.f.
  • Gnaphalium pyramidatum (L.) Lam.

    Appressed tomentose annuals , 5-30 cm high, with erect primary stem of variable length and divergent branches, usually overtopping the main stem. Leaves oblong-spathulate, apiculate. Capitula c. 8-16 in dense, nearly globose glomerules, 9-12 mm in diameter. Involucre 6 mm long, in the upper half pyramidate and distinctly 5-angled; phyllaries 5-seriate, lanceolate, outer and median carinate, lanate on back, ending in a divergent yellowish arista 1-1.5 mm long, innermost glabrous, phyllaries slightly divergent at fruiting-time. Outer filiform, female florets without pappus in the axils of the phyllaries, in the centre 5-6 (-7) bisexual florets and a varying number of female ones. Cypselas 0.7-1 mm, smooth or thinly papillose, olive brown; pappus in the central florets c. 3 mm long, setae 12-16.


    Type: Spain, Loefling.

    Distribution: Mediterranean region, SW and C Asia.


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