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Nannorrhops ritchiana (Griff.) Aitchison, J. Linn. Soc. 19:187. 1882. Becc. & Hook. f. in Hook. f., l.c.; Brandis, Ind. Trees 655. 1906; Blatter, Palms Brit. Ind. Ceylon t. 21, 22. 1926; Talbot, l.c.; Parker, For. Fl. Punj. Haz. Del. 524. (reprint. ed.) 1956; Moore Jr., Principes 15(3):102-104. 1971; R.R. Stewart, Ann. Cat. Vasc. Pl. Pak. Kashm. 33. 1972; Moore, Jr. in Rech. f., l.c. 2.

Vern.: Patha, Mazri, Pish.


  • Chamaerops ritchiana Griff.

    Gregarious, usually small tufted palm, from a much branched underground rhizome. Leaves 30-60 (-130) cm long, coriaceous, glabrous, gradually and evenly narrowed to the base. Hastula absent; petiole 15-30 x 2.5-3 (-4) cm from the base, concavo-convex, base covered with a mass of rust-coloured wool, margin serrate. Leaf blade 60-90 cm long and broad, palmately divided to the middle or lower into 8-15 (-40) segments with sometimes thread like interposed fibres; segments induplicate, deeply bipartite, 30-38 cm long, linear, rigid. Inflorescence erect, slender, ramified compound panicle, 60 cm - 1 m long. Usually 3 flowers within a bracteole, developing in succession, one sessile and others pedicelled; calyx 2-3 mm long, thin, flat, membranous, joined, forming a trilobed tube; petals c. 4 x c. 2 mm, coriaceous, connate at base; stamens dorsifixed, filaments subulate, anthers 1-1.5 mm long, deeply sagittate; style short. Seeds (9-) 11.5-15 x 11-15 mm.

    Fl. Per.: July-November. Fr. Per.: Summer.

    Lectotype: Fruit from plant cultivated in Saharanpur Botanical Garden (Beccari, Ann. Roy. Bat. Gard. Calcutta. 13: 38. 1933).

    Distribution: Wild in Sind, W. Punjab and Mekran, Peshawar valley, Kohat, trans Indus territory, Afghanistan and S. Persia.

    Leaves are used for making various kinds of mats, baskets, fans and brushes; also used medicinally as a cure of dysentry and diarrhoea. Inflorescence and fruits are used as food.


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