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Pakistan | Family List | Pakistan V. 206 | Cyperaceae | Carex

30. Carex serotina Mérat, Nouv. Fl. Env. Paris, ed. 2. 2: 54. 1821; Kukkonen in Rech.f., l.c. 245. 1998.

C. viridula Michx., sensu B. Schmid in Watsonia 14: 313. 1983; C. viridula Michx. var. viridula Pykälä & Toivonen in Nord. Journ. Bot. 14: 189, 1994. K. Wiinstedt in Bot. Tidskr. 48: 205. 1947. A. Palmgren, Fl. Fennica 2: tab. X, & tab. XXI,a. 1959.

Tufted perennial, 2-45 cm. Stem from obtusely trigonous to almost terete, deeply grooved, grey-green. Leaves 1/4-2/3 of stem length to longer than stem; sheaths 10-30(-40) mm, grey-brown, margin of scarious side concave; ligule c. 0.2 mm; blades 1.5-3(-4) mm, flat, carinate, long-attenuate, margins scabrous towards apex. Inflorescence a single male spike, often androgynous or gynecandrous, with 2-5 female spikes below, overlapping or lowest remote; basal gynobasic female spikes common. Bracts much overtopping inflorescence, patent or sometimes reflexed, lowest with sheath to 10 mm. Male spikes 4-14 x 2-3 mm, fusiform or clavate, light to grey-brown, apex rounded with scarious margin. Female spikes 3-10 x 3-6 mm, globose or short cylindrical, yellow green, erect, lower with peduncle to 10 mm, sometimes androgynous; female glumes 2.1-3.3 x 1-1.1 mm, triangular, upper obtuse, lower acute, light brown, margins more or less scarious; utricles 1.7-3.1 x 1-1.3 mm, obconical, yellow green, slightly inflated, membranous, conspicuously nerved, beak 0.2-1 mm, conical or cylindrical, smooth, mostly not clearly bidentate, ostiole margins scarious. Stigmas 3. Nut 1.6-1.9 x 0.9-1.2 mm, obconical, triangular, dark brown, finely reticulate, with papilla in each areole.

Holotype: France, distr. Seine, Aulnay near Bondy, Mérat (P) fig. in Wiinstedt!.

In Flora of Pakistan area only the following subspecies occurs: Carex serotina subsp. philocrena.

Lower Taxon


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