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Pakistan | Family List | Papaveraceae | Roemeria

Roemeria hybrida (Linn.) DC., Syst. Nat. 2:92. 1821. Boiss., l.c.

  • Chelidonium hybridum Linn.

    Annual herb, (5-) 10-20 (-50) cm tall, more or less hispid. Leaves 2-3-pinnatisect, 2-5 cm long; petiole of the lower and basal leaves 1-2.5 cm long, somewhat broad and sheathing at the base; ultimate segments linear or ovate-oblong, hispid or hispidulous, with or without a pointed bristle at the apex. Inflorescences solitary, axillary ;pedicel 1-9 cm long; buds narrow, pyriform, obtuse at the apex, 10-12 mm long, 5-7 mm broad. Sepals 10-12 mm long, c. 5 mm broad, oblong, usually densely pilose outside, hooded at the apex. Petals violet, with a black blotch at base, obovate to sub-rounded, 20-25 mm long. Stamens multiseriate, c. 10 mm long; anthers oblong, c. 1.5 mm long; filaments subulate. Ovary linear-oblong, 8-10 mm long; stigmas 4, capitate, puberulous. Capsule linear, 2-7.5 cm long, 1.5-3 mm broad, densely to sparsely setose, at least at the apex, with erect or recurved peduncle, dehiscing by 3-4 valves from base to the apex. Seeds many, reniform, pitted, c. 1 mm in diameter.

    Distribution: South-West Europe, South-West Asia and Northern Africa.

    1 Ultimate segments of the leaves linear, usually without a bristle at the tip; capsule partially setose, usually with recurved peduncle   Roemeria hybrida subsp. hybrida
    + Ultimate segments of the leaves ovate-oblong, with a pointed bristle at the tip; capsule densely setose, usually with erect peduncle   Roemeria hybrida subsp. dodecandra

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