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Pakistan | Family List | Ranunculaceae | Delphinium

14. Delphinium pyramidale Royle, Illustr. Bot. Himal. Mount. 56. fig. E,F. 1834. Munz in J. Arn. Arb. 49:158. 1968, Stewart, Ann. Catalogue Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 267. 1972, Qureshi & Chaudhri in Pak. Syst. 4(1-2):73.1988.


National Herbarium, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • Delphinium elatum var. ranunculifolium (Wall.) Hook.f. & Thoms
  • Delphinium pulchellum Chaudhury ex Mukerjee
  • Delphinium ranunculifolium Wall. ex Hook.f. & Thoms.
  • Delphinium speciosum subsp. ranunculifolium (Royle) Bruehl & King
  • Delphinium speciosum var. pyramidale (Royle) Mukerjee

    Plant 60-120 cm high, stem stout, glabrous or villous. Petioles of lower leaves upto 40 cm long, glabrous or villous, blades rounded to pentagonal, 6-12 cm wide, glabrous to subtomentose or villous along the veins beneath, 3-5 parted for 2/3 to 4/5 of length into broadly cuneate, cleft or incised serrate segments, ultimate lobes ovate to lanceolate, 2-7 mm wide, mucronate. Upper leaves with shorter petioles, bract-l ike, lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, upto 15 mm long. Inflorescence of one or several racemes. Pedicels up to 5 cm, ascending. Bracteoles 3-8 mm, lanceolate. Sepals blue or purple, pubescent outside and inside, upper sepal 15 x 7 mm, ovate, obtuse, spur 12-15 mm long, c. 3.5 mm wide at base, straight or decurved, lateral sepals 17 x 10 mm, rhombic ovate, subtru ncate at apex, lower sepals 16 x 8 mm, narrowly obovate, obtuse. Petals bluish-black, limb of upper ones slightly oblique, 10 mm long, bidentate at apex, spur 14 mm, limb of lower petals 6 x 3.5 mm, elliptic-long, hairy outside with a patch of long hairs at inner base, claw 7 mm long. Stamens 7-8 mm, glabrous. Follicles usually 3, 12-15 x 3-4 mm, glabrous or puberulent, ± divergent. Styles c. 3 mm long. Seeds blackish, obpyramidal, c. 1.5 mm long, with laminate scales covering the surface.

    Fl. Per.: July-August.

    Type: Peer Panjal (Pir Panjal), Royle (LIV).

    B-7 Swat: Swat Kohistan, R.R. Stewart 26167 (MICH), Hazara: Tribal Hazara, B.L. Burtt & Kazmi 1266 (E,PES), B-8 Kashmir: Kunpathar, R.R. & I.D. Stewart 18520 (RAW).

    Distribution: Pakistan, Kashmir eastward to Nepal and Tibet.

    Fairly common from 2130-3600 m.


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