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Pakistan | Family List | Plumbaginaceae | Acantholimon

Acantholimon stocksii Boiss., Diagn. Pl. Or. Nov. Ser. 2(4): 63. 1859. Bunge in Mem. Acad. Sc. Petersb. Ser. 7.18.2:62.1872; Boiss., Fl. Or 4:850.1879; Rech. f. & Koeie in (Symb. Afghan. 5) Biol. Skr. Vid. Selsk.

A pulvinate shrub; branches long, densely covered with leaves; leaves hetermorphic; summer leaves linear, erect spreading strongly pungent, persistent, abruptly dilating into a clasping base; leaf base shortly denticulate; spring leaves much shorter than the summer leaves, plane, deciduous. Scape shorter than the leaves, 2-3-spiked. Spike slightly lax with 2-4 spikelets, rachis flexuous, Spikelets 1-flowered, 3-bracteate; outer bract triangular, herbaceous, narrowly hyaline-margined, acute; middle and inner bracts lanceolate, twice as long as the outer bracts, keeled, broadly scarious-margined. Calyx funnel-shaped; tube equal to the inner bract, glabrous below, hirtellous above on the nerves; limb slightly shorter than the tube, obscurely 5-lobed.

Fl. Per.: August-October.

Type: Baluchistan, near Isplingi, stocks 1091(K).

Distribution: W. Pakistan, Afghanistan.


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