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Pakistan | Family List | Capparidaceae | Cadaba

Cadaba heterotricha Stocks ex Hooker, Icon. Pl. 5. tab.839. 1852. Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:173; Boiss., Fl. Or. 1:418; Cooke, l.c. 43; Jafri, l.c.; Elffers et al, l.c. 74; Hedge & Lamond, l.c. 10.

Small tree, 3-7 m high, young twigs densely covered with minute stellate scales (hoary). Leaves more or less orbicular with rounded apex, blade 1.5-4 cm long, 1-3 cm broad, softly pubescent with glandular or branched hairs; petiole 5-10 mm long. Flowers in rather short dense 15-30 flowered corymbs, 1.5-2.5 cm across, pedicel 1-1.5 cm long, more or less hairy. Outer sepals c. 7 mm long, externally hairy. Petals about as long or slightly longer than sepals; limb broadly ovate or sub-orbicular, white. Androphore c. 2 mm long; disk-appendix 9-12 mm long, bilabiate, scarcely petaloid. Stamens 5, filaments adnate to the androphore at their base, free and spreading above, about 5 mm long, greenish. Gynophore about 15 mm long; ovary narrow clavate-cylindrical, stellate-hairy or sometimes also covered with yellow glands. Fruits 3-4 cm long and c. 3 mm broad, almost cylindrical, subtorulose, more or less pubescent. Seeds many, about 2.5 mm in diam., subglobose, brown.

Type: W. Pakistan, Sind, Cape Monze, Stocks 582 (K).

Distribution: West Pakistan, Arabia and tropical Africa.

Flowers seem to be rather deciduous and thus development of fruit becomes difficult in this species. It appears to be a rare species, confined to the coastal hillocks beyond Hawkes Bay, in our area.


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